How to get your wife to cuckold you with Black men . . . parts 9-13

Step 9: 

When she is used to looking and acting sexy, then get her to go without panties while wearing a short skirt. Going commando really heightens a girl’s sexual awareness, and very often gets her aroused and makes her bolder, once she is used to it. Going commando will truly change her attitude when she is out and about. At first, when she does this, it will be very hard for her to get her mind off the fact she is in a very short skirt with no panties, and the possibility total strangers could see her. Work that around so that it is a total arousal for her. Play on it.

Step 10: 

You must now go hot and heavy with the IR porn. Ensure she NEVER cums unless she is either watching a black cock in a white pussy, or that she cums with the black dildo/vibrator. In other words, ANYTIME she cums at this point, it must, some how, some way, be related to black cock. She must begin to fully associate black cock to her own sexual pleasure and release, and if black cock isn't involved some how, then there isn't any sexual pleasure and relief for her at all. Above all, you must now, no matter how hard it is for you, keep your white dick out of ANY of her holes. 

Step 11: 

Go to a club or bar or SOMEPLACE (you find it) where you know there are some black guys. Get her to dress sexy and without panties. Buy her a few drinks (don't get her drunk!!), and get her to dance with some black guys. Just sit back and watch. Don't interfere or push her if she is truly reluctant. Let it come more naturally. If she is sort of willing, but too shy to take any action, then YOU must ask a black guy to dance with her, or share a drink with her, or whatever seems right and appropriate at the place you are at. Get her COMFORTABLE with being close to black guys while she is in a very short skirt and no panties.

Step 12:

Usually, if she is willing at all, it will happen by Step 11. While dancing, the black guys will feel her up, squeeze her ass, etc., and she will then begin to submit. If she has gone through Step 11 but has not submitted to them yet, but does seem even somewhat receptive, then you need to push it harder. Tell her you have arranged a date for her, or set up a meet in a motel, or invited a black friend over, so that she can get even more comfortable with the idea of being very close to black guys. If she has does not seem receptive to submitting, you need to repeat some of the steps. How far back to go depends on you and on her reactions.

Step 13:

If she has gone all the way through Step 12, and has actually dated or met but has not fucked yet, then it is time to come out with it. Tell her you worship her, and you believe she NEEDS the sexual satisfaction of fucking black, and you encourage her to do so, and that you are 100% ok with it. It may now be time to set up an actual fuck meet for her. Let her know you will participate only to the extent SHE wants you to. If she wants you to watch, great. If she wants you to just be nearby for security at first, do it, and do not insist you watch. If she wants you for clean-up after, do not hesitate, not matter how you feel about that at first. You do what SHE wants, not what you want. It is all about HER, and always keep that at the front of your mind. She is primary, you are not.

About the Steps

The objective with the Steps is to get her comfortable and accepting of each Step before moving on to the next. Smaller Steps seem doable, whereas if you do it all at once, in one GIANT step, it will seem to be too much, too overwhelming, to her and she won't have time to make adjustments in her own mind and attitude before moving on to the next.

To be successful, make sure during EACH step, you show patience and allow time for her to adjust. If she doesn't, then you need to do some fine-tuning and make some adjustments yourself in the current Step before moving on to the next Step. Do NOT rush it. Rushing through the steps may be a fatal error with some girls.

Remember, it is all about getting her acclimated, or comfortable with something new she is doing before you challenge her with something more.

One final comment: Your jealousy. When she starts fucking black, you may find that, even though this is what you really want, you feel a tinge of jealousy. You must channel that feeling into something positive, and not let it kill the whole thing for you. Change any jealousy you feel into feelings of arousal, then go jack off or something, but never let it interfere even slightly with her sexual freedom and pleasure.