"how to" for beginners, some advices for single male

hello dear friends,
first i would like to apologize if i made some grammars or spelling mistakes because im not an native English speaking person,
so let's began with a short story of mine.
I'm a Syrian witch is a Muslim and you know girls around Muslims community is not so free like the others communities and this urge (cuckolding) was with me since my teenage period, I started i relationship with many girls during my life but due to social and religious matters it was a near to impossible to achieve such a lifestyle but guess what, it was a real challenge but with the human brain there is nothing impossible.
but as always life contain a lot of bad things, the civil war broke and it was the end of my happy marriage . (i'll stop the drama and get to the point).
dear cucks wanna be/s:
as all relationships between humans it's two way line it's not like the short porn clips online it's a life you are going to start so be careful but if you were sure you have to do some work in order to get what you want.
- first of all you have to find the right woman and intrust your heart with her for a real love relation you have to be loveable and funny, generous, strong and all things a woman loves
- you have to be in the right side of the way so do not expect a woman to accept your lifestyle if you were over hiding it, and suddenly you tell her the truth, i mean you should be encouraging her to be you way on her way.
an example might clear what i meant:
you were watching the tele and there was a hot woman feel free to praise her, and for sure any woman will be kind of angry about that, and it'll break the ice about the matter of each party can and should express their feelings about the hot men or women around and on the tele. this will lead to many roads to follow
there is another thing, reveling clothing for the woman will always be step on the right way and you should express your acceptance about it to her.
- after months of that you can take it to more deeper waters in every occasion allows you to do in the bed, on a vacation with the friends... etc deeper means a few feet deeper not to the middle of the ocean
- every occasion you can tow the topic into deeper water but do not move to the next step until you're sure your woman accepted the depths you surfing on.
- the moment of the truth always comes in bed, in the middle of the lovemaking you can tell her what you really want.

it might take a few months or a couple of years but be sure nothing is impossible, but remember if she doesn't like it in the first place do not bush her. you'll lose her, and losing a woman is very hard

if you achieve it and you still need advices feel free to contact me.