How to approach black men?

As a white guy I go about and I see black men in stores, restrooms and everywhere really. The other day I was walking into a restroom at a restaurant we were at and as I entered and turned the corner, there was a black guy using the urinal. He turned to look and see who came in and as he turned his head I could see a little of his cock from where I was. I immediately felt my own cock jump in my pants. I wanted to say something, but I'm not sure howto approach that and what I should even say.
Sometimes, all it takes is going to the next urinal and giving a sidelong glance, but it helps to be in a place like an adult bookstore known for cruising. Watch their eyes and see if they are meeting yours or checking out your cock. But be careful, if he feels like a cop, it is better to walk away than to do something that will get you arrested. In adult bookstores, I like to pick up an appropriate adult video and make a lewd comment about it out loud and see if they express interest. If expressed in the third person like a customer, you can claim that they were the ones soliciting and not you, but always take care. Even worse than the cops are the gaybashers and outright thieves who target gay men. Prostitutes are always thieves; they are there for illegal quick money not to have sex.