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how to approach a friend?

I was in need of some advice on how to approach our friend to see if he would be interested in fucking ny wife? How should I go about this? Or should I not?
Go out with him, have some drinks and let the wife flirt. Be sure he knows you don't mind her playful flirting. Let them dance and see how that goes. Good luck.
I think is going to be a little more tricky your than that see he is friends with a lot of our mutual friends and we are trying to keep thi quiet or a secret among people that we knows we think he was flirting with her the other day but she was too busy to stop and flirt back I don't think she will tell anyone but we are unsure. I know he would enjoy it just not sure how he would react.


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I would avoid friends, its too risky if you want to keep it a secret. I started seeing a guy in early Summer who I am still seeing now. I met him in a pub while out with friends. I only found out during conversation with a couple of weeks later he is a friend of a friend of my hubby. Luckily he doesnt want people to know either as he is involved with someone. However i constantly have the thought that he may have one drink too many, or may get in an argument and blurt something out or split with his girlfriend etc. not a pleasant thought! So I suggest finding a secret guy and having fun! X
Thanks that's our worry. Though I don't think he would. But u never know .
I say approach him quietly. If you guys don't seem it, no one will ever believe him if he even tries to say you approached him for sex. Better to take the initiative than miss out the opportunity forever. Its safer and scarier with a friend in both scenarios, but at least you know he's not a psycho-killer.


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Don't even go there if you are not willing to have all your friends and family know.
There is a reason the Hell's Angels' motto is "Three people can keep a secret ... as long as two are dead." :devil: