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A hubby from the Midwest threw me a question two days ago at my Tumblr blog site: He asked the question:
"Master Shango, I've been an avid fan of your previous blog, and I've read a few of your erotic books. I've been having the thought of wanting to see my wife being fucked by a black man, being made his cock slut and everything else. When do you think it best for me to try and talk to her about this?"​
I'm sharing with you here the response I gave to him, and also to highlight more on the subject of how soon it's best for a hubby/wife to talk to his/her spouse regarding his/her desire of wanting to be with a black lover. My answer was the sooner the better.

A lot of hubbies/wives who've had this pressing need in their minds tend to erroneously presume that there's a right time to have such conversation with their spouse regarding this. That's totally incorrect. There's never a right time to put into plan something such as this, especially as time is always running, and there's plenty of circumstances that might derail the thought from ever taking fruit. Of course, there's the usual roadblocks that might put things on ho. These include taking care of the kids, minding the house, and a lot of other stuff that's typical in a marital home. Yes, for the hubby, he, too, might be plagued with work to think of finding a better chance of laying this out for the wife. Still, I suggest that the sooner you get to work on your spouse, the better it will be, and it will as well save you a lot of energy in the long run.

Rome wasn't built in a day, thus don't expect him/her to jump with agreement the moment you utter this idea to him/her. When laying the ground works, avoid being too direct; subtlety is usually the best.

For more of this, go here:

My question I'd like to know from most of you in here is this: How soon do you/have you thought of letting your spouse know of your desire for this?