How soon do you stop using a condom with a black lover?

How soon do you (or your wife) get comfortable enough with a black lover to stop using a condom? I know of women who say they never use condoms and others who say they always use them but the majority I've talked to say they eventually stop using them with a particular lover. My answer is that I am completely unpredictable. So, how soon do you stop?


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When I met my hubby many years ago, I asked if he would use a condom and he did. Several months later, we started doing it bareback. Looking back im not sure what difference those three months would have made? I didnt ask him to get tested, I suppose I trusted him. Nowadays im one of the girls you mention who doesnt insist on a condom, none of the few guys ive been with have worn one.
However I do try and ask around the pub or club about the guy, see if there is any negative stuff about them, I probably also rely on trust a bit too much.
It all depends, all mine I have taken bareback eventually. Again, must trust the person, know who they are, and be open and honest. Nothing like bare, it is the best and try to look at it like dating, start covered and move to what is more comfortable. I say anyone your going to fuck you should be 100% trustful of regardless.


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No condoms here. Laura has always gone bareback with her black friend. From our perspective, why should we even want to mingle with someone that could have all kinds of diseases for all we know? Find a trustworthy person, get tested and enjoy quality sex. Beats quantity any day.
One of the many reasons that I belong to a group. Everyone gets tested at least once a year, the group is large enough to provide variety, members are reasonably sane. The result lots of great bare back sex with minimal health or pregnancy concerns.

For people less selective, or more promiscuous condoms should be a given.
yes all of the above but it is personal thing between the bull and his sub it could and should be a progression it should just happen and that comes with trust and respect
depends on you and how comfortable u time line..if u in doubt then have him to keep wearing it..and if he's a steady lover then wait till u ready...The wife is in control not hubby or the bull..your world and at the end of the day we just a squirl getting a nut