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How ROUGH is rough sex?

Love it rough?

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Everyone has their idea of what they consider rough sex. Personally I like rough sex.
I like spanking asses and pulling on hair....grabbing hard and even slapping tits.
An Ex- GF awakened me to my limitations of rough sex - spitting on her, grabbing her around the throat, pinning her on the bed. She would fight back and scratch me...bite me. I started loving it.
That being said, it seems once you dive into roughness it is hard to go 'soft' again.

Most consider 'rough sex' spankings and pulling hair.

So i wonder who all here likes it rough and how far do u go?

- Bad Jay
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Throat gagging till she almost passes out with spit everywhere, laying upside down n getting throat fucked hard. Plowing pussy with bbc hard, long, and cum filled. Choking me out! Treated like a dirty slut. I have done some stuff but want more n more