How my wife necame a BBC Queen (pt1)

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    How my wife became a BBC Queen

    Part 1

    Frances and I dated in high school and we were each others firsts. Well at least she was my first and remains to this date, my only. She became pregnant and we were married at a relatively young age. Then in the mid 70’s I found out that my pretty 23 year old wife of less than 5 years, was screwing the 22 year old neighbor while I was at work. I was completely torn up and really was going to kill them both, but I didn’t want to lose my kids so I swallowed my pride and we reconciled. I kind of put the fear of the Lord into him and he stayed completely away from us after that. Actually moved away from our neighborhood.

    A couple of years went by and everything was going fine and our sex life was getting a little more kinky when one evening I asked Frances if she wanted to go to a local porn theater to see Behind the Green door. I was shocked when she replied that she would, only if we went to a local ice cream parlor first. Easy answer!!!

    We ate our sundaes then walked over to the theater. I was surprised at the number of couples going in and was actually relieved to see it. We sat down as the first film started (wowwie, a double feature!) The film was a Johnnie Wadd movie starring John Holmes, of course. I had never seen him before and was kind of in awe when he “came out” on the screen. I glanced over at Fran and could see that her eyes had glossed over and she had her pinky finger in the corner of her mouth. My interest was really peaked at that point. As Holmes continued to pork the actress Fran’s breathing became shallower and I could detect her squirming in her seat. I was fascinated by her reactions but said nothing and actually tried not to make any physical contact with her, not wanting to break whatever trance that she had worked herself into. She continued to be glued to the screen whenever Holmes would be doing his thing. I was intrigued with the thought that my wife was turned on by this guy. Let me see. Could it be that he is good looking? No, far from that. How about a great body? Uh uh, skinny as a rail! What could it be?? Hmmm could it be his cock?? That thought was both a turn on and intimidating since I was average at best at 5 ½ to 6” and about 4.75 around.

    Well that film ended and Fran excused herself to go to that lavatory. I kidded her, when she got back after 10 minutes, about going into the john to “relieve herself! She just answered “Don’t be ridiculous!”

    The feature film had started and I watched my wife, from the corner of my eyes, as the film had progressed. When the part where Chambers was taken to the large room where all the “guests” were seated and placed on the table, Fran placed her head on my shoulder, her first physical contact with me since we came into the theater. When all the attendants started fondling, kissing and eating Chambers pussy, I saw Fran’s eyes gloss up again. When the black stud came walking out from Behind the Green Door, with his cock swaying to the music, Fran’s pinky went up to the corner of her mouth and as he started eating Chambers pussy, Fran raised her head off my shoulder and sat back in her seat. As Keyes started screwing Chambers, I thought that Fran was squirming in her seat again but upon closer observation I could see she was actually moving her hips in small thrusts in time with the on screen fucking and music. As the scene worked up to its climax, Fran had her head back on the seat and her eyes were closed and I could see her lips drawn tightly. The music and the moans on the screen were almost at a deafening level, but I could swear some of those sounds were coming from Fran.

    The scene ended and as Keyes pulled away from Chambers and his wet black cock once again swayed back and fro as he walked away, Fran asked if we could go home. I asked her why and she just replied that she wanted to go.

    On the drive home she was very quiet and I asked her if something was wrong and she said no. When we got to the house I paid the baby sitter and found that Fran had gone into the bathroom and was already running her bath. I figured that was that. I went into the bedroom and got undressed and was running the nights events over in my head when I heard Fran exit the bathroom and head over to the k**s rooms to check on them.

    Fran came into the room and I was somewhat surprised when she dropped her bath robe and kind of scrambled into bed nude. She started to kiss me very passionately and tug at my underwear. I removed them and she immediately pushed me to the bed and climbed on top, shoved my cock into her and almost frantically started fucking me. I was surprised at how hard she was slamming down on me. Never had she done anything like that before. She kept moaning, “Come on, come on, oh please God, come on.”

    I started to ask her if those films turned her on this much when she forcefully pressed her lips against mine, jammed her tongue down my throat and very sultrily said “shut up and fuck me.” Now I was stunned!! Never, ever had I heard Fran used the “F” word. I tried to just keep up with ferocity of Fran’s pace and in a few minutes I was cumming up a storm. Fran kept moving for a few minutes then kissed me and the got off and lay next to me.

    Another surprise. Fran would usually get right up and go into the bathroom, afterwards, to clean up any semen. But this time she just lay in bed, again with that glossy look in her eye and her pinky in her mouth. It was obvious that she was deep in thought. I asked her how she like the films and she replied that they were “alright”. I said that she seemed to be very interested in Johnny Wadd and she kind of tensed up and became somewhat defensive and replied, “Not really.”

    I persisted and in a teasing manner I told her that I thought that she was turned on by his big cock and she replied, “No, I just like the way he is with the women, he is so gentle.” Gentle!!!! What a crock of B.S., but I played along. I then asked her how she liked B.T.G.D. (at least what we saw of it.) She replied that it was good. I said to her, “I think that I am going to arrange a scene like that for you, how would you like that?” I was shocked when she didn’t reply with her usual no but stated “But with a white guy!”

    This ritual became part of our usual sex play. I would sometimes tell her that I had a surprise visitor behind the closet door and he was going to come out and fuck her silly with his big cock. Her replies were getting more and more positive and I was getting more and more turned on to the possibility of actually seeing my wife with another man. I was always curious about Robert, (the guy she had fucked a couple of years earlier.) He was nowhere near my size physically and I had never given his cock size much more than a passing thought, beyond the normal fears. I took this opportunity, because of the loose sex talk that had evolved in our lives at this point, to ask Fran about Robert. She just replied he was nothing special. I asked her if his cock was bigger than mine and she replied at first, “I don’t know” or “I can’t remember”. I told her that since she was screwing him for almost a year, or so, she had to have a pretty good idea. She finally replied that he was about the same size as me.

    Part 2

    This went on for a couple of months when one evening I showed her a swinger’s magazine that I had purchased at a local book store. She looked at the photos and asked me if these were real and I replied that most of them were. I told her that I wanted to put an ad in it and that I would arrange a meeting and watch her with another man. She immediately rejected that and I thought the issue was dead. We had begun to fool around when Fran kind of hesitantly stated to me that she didn’t think that I could handle seeing her “doing it” with another guy. I told her that if I was there it would be like the two of us just acting out a fantasy as long as no emotions other than physical were involved. “Besides,” I told her” I have always wanted to be a director of a porn film.” She replied no, but I noticed that the love making was little more intense that evening.

    A few nights later, Fran, out of the blue, asked “What would you say in the ad?” I replied “What ad? What are you talking about?” She said “The ad in that book you brought home. What would you say?” Hello, instant erection. I quickly told her that I would let her write the ad. This way she could put down what she wanted and not what I wanted. I was floored when she simply replied, “I’ll think about it. No promises, but just that, I’ll think about it.”

    Needless to say that was all that was on my mind, 24-7 but I dared not hound her about it. A couple of days went by, when, after a rather event less and unremarkable love making session, Fran stunned me and asked, “How would we go about it and where would we meet him? It can’t be around here and it can’t be anyone we know. I would die if anyone found out.”

    Wow, peter at full staff now!!! I told her that after I placed our ad, written by her, we would sift through the replies and that I would meet first with the ones she chose to get a feel for him. If everything was a go, we would get a room at an out of town hotel for an evening or two. We would then meet her gentleman at a restaurant. She could then get a feel for him and if there was chemistry, then and only then, we would give him the room number with instructions to come up in about 30 minutes.

    She, once again, questioned whether I thought that I could handle the whole thing. I reassured her that there would be no problem as long as she didn’t do anything behind my back ever again. The floor and I met when she instructed me to get the book.

    I practically fell several times as I raced to the closet to frantically get the book. I got a pen and brought them back to Fran. She sat up in the bed and asked me what she should write. I told her to write whatever she wanted. I did start her off by telling her how to fill in the boiler plate questions, i.e. Couple, seeking male etc. When we got to the description Frances asked me what she should ask for. I said to her, “What do you mean?” She said “You know, down there, his thing. What should I ask for?” Oh wow. I told her that since this was a fantasy, she should ask for someone who was endowed. She asked me what was considered endowed; I said more than 7”. She looked at me and seriously asked me “You’re more than 7” aren’t you?” I just replied no, that I was of average size. She wanted to know what that was and I told her between 5 and 6. She sighed, with what appeared relief, and a little bit of a crooked smile, at my answer. Hmmmm.

    I told her to leave the return address blank and I would fill it in later after I had procured a mail box. I left to do some errands and as I walked out the door I could see that Fran had put the magazine in a drawer and was getting on the phone. I thought for sure that after she gave it some more thought the issue would die.

    I came home and found that Fran was taking a bath. The kids were asleep so I went into the bedroom to turn on the TV. I undressed and lay down on the bed. I could feel something under me. When I felt under the covers, I found the magazine. I quickly turned on the bedside lamp and with trembling fingers, fumbled to the page with the form on it. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that Fran had actually filled the form out. It said.

    “A young couple, He 27 She 26, seeking good looking, well built, male to make passionate love to pretty, thin, blond hair brown eyed 34B-25-36 wife while husband watches. Husband MUST be in room at all times. Man must be gentle (this is our first time); always a gentleman and he must be very well endowed. Husband will meet with possible person before anything else proceeds. Please no phonies”

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! This couldn’t be real. I kept reading the ad over and over. My eyes kept focusing on the phrase “must be very well endowed.” I was in shock and snapped to when I heard Fran draining the tub. I was very surprised when she came out of the bath room wearing a short see through red night gown.

    I told her that I saw that she had filled out the form and she replied,” Don’t get your hopes up! I hope you’re not too disappointed when no one replies or when you find out that those who do are nothing but degenerates.” I told her that she would be the one who would be surprised. I then asked her what the nightgown was for. Again the surprises kept coming when she told me that most of the ads had photos with them and that perhaps we should also send a photo in, without her face of course. Another frantic trip to the closet for the Polaroid camera. Damn, no film. A very quick trip to the corner drugstore, some colored film and back to the house in about 3 seconds.

    Fran was on the bed, when I got home and I could see that her eyes were glossed over again, like they were that night at the show. I took several shots of her in different poses. I could swear that when she would spread her legs, as she switched positions, I could see a trail of fluid going down the crack of her ass.

    I used up all the film and then took the pictures over to her to choose the one she wanted to submit. She chose the classiest picture. She got a magic marker and I assumed, blacked out her face, put the materials into the envelope, sealed it, put it on the night stand and then asked me to come over to bed. When I got in, she asked once again “Are you sure you are OK with this?” I replied that there was no problems on my part but I asked her if she was sure that she could go through with it. She responded “I don’t know. We’ll see if the time comes, but I still think that we’ll never get any decent responses.”

    She then asked me to go down on her, which I eagerly did. Man she was already soaked, which explained the trail of fluid observed earlier. We progressed into the same level of sex experienced after we went to the show. It was awesome. I lay awake all night thinking of the possibilities.

    The next morning, off to the post office, rent a box, print the P.O. Box number on the magazine' form place it and the smaller sealed envelope (with the ad and Fran's unseen photo, in) seal and put it into the mail. Back at home Fran once again expressed any doubts that we would receive any “decent” replies” Now the wait.

    Part 3

    Fran asked me on an almost daily basis if I had any responses and I kept telling her, on an almost daily basis, that we had to wait for the ad to appear in the book first. Cheesh, it almost seemed as though she couldn’t wait to get fucked. I took a trip to the adult book store the next month and bought a copy of that Swinger magazine. I went home and Fran and I thumbed through the book together, while in bed. We were getting very disappointed as we neared the end of the magazine when she spotted it first. There it was, in the glossy section, reserved for color photos, our ad. They had actually given her about an eighth of a page for our ad. She looked absolutely stunning in her red see through nightgown and a seductive smile on her pretty face. Huh !! A seductive smile on her face ? Apparently she did not black out her face but some family photo’s hanging on the wall.

    Both of us were somewhat giddy and like two little k**s who had done something naughty. We both kept looking and re-reading the ad. I was extremely turned on, when she would read the line about being very well endowed, and I saw the wicked smile on the photo, thinking about the guys that would be putting those words to that face and body.

    I admit I was somewhat afraid of the possible events that could unfold in this adventure and a small part of me wondered if Fran could be right when she said that no one would respond. About a week after we read the ad I went to the post office and all I found in my box was a little green card. I was very disappointed but honestly a little relieved in that Fran was right, or perhaps it was a little early yet. As I walked out of the post office and about to throw the card away, I glanced down at and saw that it was from the post office and I was instructed to see one of the clerks regarding my mail box. I thought to myself, shit, now what. I waited in line, got to the clerk and he asked me if I was Mr. Jones of post box 2301, I looked at him for a second before I realized that Jones was the name we used for the ad and I used to rent the box. I replied yes and he disappeared into the back. I was a little confused and almost walked out when he emerged carrying a large white plastic bin filled with envelopes. He said, “Here is your mail, use the bin to take them home but you have to return it or you will be billed $25.” I thanked him and left.

    When I got home Fran was sitting on the front porch. I told her that I had one hell of a shock for her. I pulled the bin out of the car’s trunk and she asked me what all that was. I told her THAT is all the nobody’s that wouldn’t respond. All she did was just drop her jaw and mummer “Oh my God, you’re kidding aren’t you?”

    That night we started opening letter after letter. Most had pictures and most were very crass and immediately rejected. I could tell that Fran was extremely floored that so many individuals responded to her and she really perked up at that attention. There were only three or four letters out of over 200, in that initial batch, that Fran kept. All three had photos and all appeared to be of above average endowment.

    Over the next three weeks, I made a couple of trips to the post office with similar results.

    I would get my card from the box, hand it and my empty plastic bin to the clerk and he, in turn, would hand me a bin filled with envelopes. Fran and I would sift through the responses and find that a lot of them were the same fellows sending what seemed like desperate responses hoping for our acceptance. No, wasn’t going to happen. I then noticed Fran appear to be re-reading a response. When I was sure that she was reading it again for at least the third time and I could see that her pinky was once again in the corner of her mouth, I asked her what she had. I had to ask her again to break her out of her trance like state. She responded, “Oh, this letter, this guy sounds so nice.” She handed me the letter and said “What do you think?”

    The letter read. ‘Hello, my name is John but everyone calls me Jack and I hope that you will excuse any clumsiness on my part. Like you I am also new to this. I have never even known about such things let alone partook in them. I live in (about a 2 hour drive from us.) I lost my wife of 7 years and my 4 year old daughter in an auto accident about 2 years ago and have immersed myself in my job since. I have not even thought of another woman and have no desire to become emotionally involved again because of the pain I still feel from my loss. I came across this ad, while at a friend’s apartment, from work. He had it laying on a table and I picked it up and started thumbing through it. My buddy came out of the bathroom and saw me and laughed. He told me to take it home and said that it was about time I showed some interest in women, he said he was beginning to worry about me. We left for the ball game and I took the book home with me.

    I found most of the ads to be somewhat of a turn off and was about to put the magazine away when I came upon your ad. I was immediately attracted to yours because you just looked so beautiful. I don’t know if I can actually go through with it but if you do choose to be with me, I will at least try my best not to disappoint you. It has been over two years since I have had any type of sex and I must admit, I am getting those yearnings. Perhaps this is the best way, for both of us, to have a physical relationship with out the emotional baggage that comes along with it. I don’t really know.

    I can be reached most evenings between the hours of 8-11 PM, I work to 5:00 PM and then go to the gym for a couple of hours afterwards. I really don’t go anywhere else except to a ball game with Jeff (the owner of the magazine) a couple of times a year. He then gave his phone number.’ No photo though!

    As I was reading, I noticed that Fran was reading the letter, over my shoulder, once again. I could see that she had that finger at her mouth again and I noticed that she was moving her legs apart and back together continuously. When I was done, she asked me what I thought, I responded that he never mentioned anything about himself, physically. She responded that she didn’t care, she wanted him.

    Oh shit, I thought, just what I didn’t want, a sympathy fuck. I could just see this guy. About 5’4” and a 4” cock. Crap. I asked her if she was sure and said just shook her head yes, still with the finger and the moving legs. I looked at the time and saw it was only 9:30 PM. I asked Fran if we should call him and her eyes widened as she said “Already?? I don’t know. Are you sure that you will be OK with this?” Again, yes I would be OK!!!!

    I got the phone and dialed the number. A male with a very deep voice answered (well at least that was encouraging, of course it could be a little guy with a deep voice, sigh). I asked him if he was Jack and he replied that he was and I told him who I was and why I was calling. There was a momentary silence at the other end and finally he expressed surprise that we had answered him. I asked him if he would like to speak to Frances and he said that he would. I handed the phone to Fran and listened as she commenced to speak in a quite tone with an almost giddy overtone, kind of like a school girl talking to her dream date.

    They spoke for a few minutes and then she gave me the phone. I asked Jack where we could meet and make arraignments. He mentioned a restaurant about an hour away from us and about half way between where we both lived. I told him that was fine and that I would meet him that Saturday morning. I asked him how I would know him. He kind of laughed and said that he would wear a yellow shirt. I was actually shaking as we said goodbye.

    After I hung up Fran pulled me to her and once again with the “are you sure.” We made love and this time she almost continuously kissed me passionately while telling me over and over how much she loved me. Another sleepless night. What were we getting ourselves into?

    Part 3

    Saturday morning, 7:30 AM. Getting ready to leave the house for my 9:00 AM meeting with Jack. Fran was very nervous and started to get second thoughts. I told her that we could call it off and she said “Maybe we should. You’re disappointed aren’t you? No let’s see what happens. I don’t know, what do you think?” I responded, “Whatever you want to do.” She kind of giggled like a school girl again and said “I don’t know what to do?” I told her that I had to leave and said that I would be back in a few hours. She told me to be careful and away I went. My hour drive was very stressful as I my mind played all the possible scenarios over and over again. Several times I almost turned around but I forged ahead until I arrived at the restaurants parking lot. It was exactly 9:00 Am and I was concerned that Jack may not have arrive. I waited a minute and then decided to go in. My knees were shaking, my mouth was dry and my head was pounding as I walked to the restaurant.

    When I stepped in, I found that there were a lot of people already there. I stood by the counter and scanned the room. I saw a person with a yellow shirt sitting in the booth near the back. As I walked toward him I could see that he had a broad back. When I got to him I almost turned around because he surely wasn’t Jack. He noticed me and stood up and asked me if I was Robert. I obviously appeared to be stunned because I just shook my head yes and extended my hand out to him. Standing before me was a caramel colored black man, who stood about my height and was obviously built like a proverbial brick shit house. His hand completely engulfed mine and I have large hands. I noticed that his fingers were as thick as sausages. He had an incredible smile and his teeth were bright white. As he introduced himself I noticed that he had a very thick neck and his bone structure also was very thick. This was one put together male.

    We talked for about an hour and he told me the story of his wife and daughter once again. I could see the pain in his eyes and hear it in his voice. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to go through with this and he replied that he did. He stated that he had not had any form of sex, not even with himself, since the accident. All he did was go to work (he worked for the government) and then to the gym every night (which explained the neck.) He said he wanted to move on and that he wanted to be with a woman. I asked him if his late wife was white and he shook his head no. He stated that he had only been with two females, one in high school and his wife and that both of them were black. He asked me if being with a black man would be a problem with Fran and I replied that the subject of race never came up and I didn’t think that it would be an issue. I showed him some photos of Fran and he remarked about how pretty she was. We agreed that we would meet in that town (actually a small city) the following Friday evening if I could find a hotel room. Jack said that he would pay for everything and I told him not to worry about. After we left the restaurant I got a phone book and found a listing for an Adult Hotel. I drove over to it just to make sure that it wasn’t some sleazy dive and I was mildly surprised to find a very upscale property with a very nice night club/restaurant. I went to the front desk and booked two rooms (one for Jack as per his request) for the following Friday and Saturday.

    When I got home Fran was all over with me with questions. “Did he show? Did he seem nice? What did he look like? Did you like him? What are we going to do? You guys didn’t decide anything already, did you?”

    Her eyes looked as large as saucers as I answered, “Yes he was there, and He seemed very nice. I guess he would be considered very good looking. He certainly has white teeth and he smiles a lot. He is about my size and yeah, I guess I do kind of like him. He seems like a real nice guy. He wants me to call him so he could speak to you once again before.” Her eyes got even wider at that and she said “Before? Before what?”

    “I booked a room at a great place for next Friday and Saturday”, I replied, “And he probably wanted to make sure that you were OK with everything I guess.”
    Fran stood in front of me with her jaw hanging open. Finally she said, “So soon?? Oh my God, I don’t know. Two days? We don’t have anyone to watch the k**s. I don’t believe this is happening?” I told her that I could cancel everything if she wanted but that right at that moment I really, really had to go to the bathroom. I left in a hurry with her standing in the middle of the room.

    I came out of the bathroom about 10 minutes later expecting to make the cancellation calls when Fran informed me that her mother was going to come over and stay at our house Friday through Sunday to be with the kids while we went away for a well-deserved mini – vacation. Now it was my turn to stand there with my mouth open and speechless. I kind of muttered “great.”

    Later that evening I called Jack and put Fran on the phone. They spoke for about 20 minutes. From what I could hear most of it was small talk and about things in general. I did hear her respond that she was very nervous and she too didn’t know if she could go through with it. I held my breath the entire 20 minutes hoping that he would not mention that he was black. I kept going back to the Behind the Green Door movie and every time I would tease her about setting up that scene should reply “OK by me, but with a white guy!”

    She finally handed me the phone and I gave Jack all the info on the hotel and the nights. He was somewhat surprised that I had reserved them for Friday and Saturday and I told him that was in case Friday was nerves and Saturday they cleared up. He agreed and we made arrangements to meet in the lounge at 7:30 PM that next Friday evening. I hung up and I found that my palms were sweating. Fran just said, “I can’t believe we just did this?” She wanted to fool around but I said that I was a little tired. Actually, I wanted her to be celibate for the next 6 days so that she would be on a razors edge so to speak.

    Part 4

    Friday evening. Fran had been getting more and more nervous as the week went on. She was practically begging me to fuck her, but as hard as it was, I kept putting her off with one silly excuse after another, I could tell she was getting hornier by the second. The work week was a blur. Scenarios racing through my mind. The very real thought that Fran would take one look at Jack and run screaming from the lounge. Well anyway, too late now. Friday was here and I was on my way home from work. I walked through the door and found that my mother-in-law was already there and was in fact getting dinner for the kids. Fran was coming down the stairs with a suit case and told her mother that we had better get going. I was really getting quite nervous and could feel my mouth going dry. I thanked my mother-in-law for watching the kids on short notice and she just replied that it was nothing and she hoped we had a good time. She had no idea, how good it would be if it all came off.

    Fran and I left and started our drive. It was about 10 minutes in when she started with the doubts. Each time I told her that I would turn around if I wanted. Finally she said that we should just go and if things didn’t work out, we could at least spend the two nights at the hotel. The rest of the ride was eerily silent. I could see that glazed look in her eyes as she leaned against the window staring out at the road ahead.

    We arrived at the hotel at about 6:00 PM. We went to the desk and got the keys to our room. 69, what a strange coincidence!! When we got to our room, and went in, Fran went to the powder room while I walked into the bedroom (there were three rooms to this suite, a sitting room, the large bathroom area and a very large bedroom.) There was no doubt what this hotel was about. The bed was a circular bed with circular pillows at the head board. There was a red satin sheet set on the bed and on three sides there were mirrored walls. Above the bed was a mirrored ceiling and a gas fireplace in the corner. I noticed a row of switches by the beds headboard and I went over to see what they controlled. Each one had a small label under it. One controlled the fireplace. Another controlled the lights on the ceiling another, the stereo system and finally one simply said bed lights. I turned that one on and found that all the walls had floodlights in them about bed level. When they were turned on the bed was completely bathed in a soft light. You could look directly into them from the bed and they were not harsh on the eyes. I did notice that you could not see the chairs that were about 8 feet from the foot of the bed. In fact you could not see anything beyond the bed. I quickly went over to where the chairs were and sat there. The sight was amazing. The entire bed was illuminated and you could look at every mirror and have an unobstructed view. Again this place was made for one thing and I hoped that would be what we used it for. I turned off the bed lights before Fran came out of the powder room. When she came into the bedroom all she could say was “Wow.” I showed her the fireplace and the stereo. She was really impressed. So far so good.

    At 7:00 PM we went down to the lounge and ordered a couple of dinners. I asked Fran if she wanted a drink and she declined. Damn, I was hoping to get her loose before Jack got there. While we sat and ate Fran said that she thought that Jack would not show. The music was playing and everyone was dancing. I know Fran wanted to dance but she had long ago gave up asking me, I just didn’t dance. At exactly 7:30 PM I saw Jack walk in. My heart stopped. It was Showtime. Jack spotted me and waved. I waved back and Fran stiffened as she asked “Is he here?” She had her back to the entrance. I told her that he was and I could feel my pulse in my neck as he came over to the table. He saluted me and said. “You must be Frances” Fran turned to greet him and kind of stuttered as she turned in her seat put her hand out. “Uh yes, I am. Are you Jack?” He replied that he was and I asked him to sit down.

    Fran shot me a quick angry look. Oh boy, here comes the stuff hitting the fan. Jack sat down and started small talk. He was continuously looking into Frances eyes while he talked, even when he talked to me. I could see that she was loosening up a little. Jack asked Fran if she would like to dance and I wasn’t really that surprised when she accepted, seeing how she loved to dance and her prospects of doing so with me, were non-existent. It was quite a sight to see the two of them dancing. I was also a little relieved to see a few other black and white couples on the floor (perhaps a few more adult rendezvous?) They were actually a stunning couple on that floor. Fran had a red dress that really showed off her petite figure and Jack looked like he was poured into that suit he was wearing. They danced several dances and Jack asked Fran and me if we wanted a drink. Fran said that she would take another coke and I told him that I would have another rum and coke. He also ordered a plain coke. Crap. Neither of them were going to drink anything.

    After they danced a slow dance together. They came back to the table and Jack said that he was, as he put it, very ready to proceed on with the evening. He found Fran to be stunning and extremely desirable and he felt that he was about to explode on the dance floor at any moment. He told us that he would leave us alone to decide what we wanted to do and he then left. I looked at Fran and she shot a dagger filled stare at me. She said, “You didn’t tell me he was black!!” I replied that I didn’t think it mattered. I told her that I would tell Jack that we were sorry but we changed our minds. I told her that I would actually say that I couldn’t go through with it. Fran replied, “Wait a minute. He seems like a very nice guy and I do like the way he has treated me. If you are sure, I’ll do him with my hands but he can’t go all the way. I don’t think I can go all the way with him.” Crap again. I agreed and when Jack returned to the table we made arrangements for him to come to our room in 30 minutes, this gave Fran time to take a bath and get ready. We shook and I could actually feel him trembling. I took that as a good sign.

    We left for the room and all the way there Fran was saying “I can’t believe I am going to do this.” As we turned a corner, we saw a black gentleman knock on a door. As we were passing the room, a white gentleman opened the door and the black guy stepped in. I turned to Fran and asked her, “and just what do you think that was.” She just looked at me and smiled.
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    Part 5

    We got back to our room and went inside. Fran took her small suitcase into the bathroom and I could hear her running her bath. I was getting extremely nervous at this time and beginning to have serious doubts. I went into the bedroom and drew the curtains shut (the far wall, behind where the chairs were and facing the bed, there was a large series of windows the entire length of the wall). I turned the stereo on and set the volume to low, the fireplace and then I turned on all the “special” lights. I turned all the other lights in the rooms off except for the dim hall light that adjoined the bathroom. The room looked extremely exotic and just heightened my anxieties to an even greater level.

    About 25 minutes later I could hear Fran come out of the bathroom and as she turned the corner into the bedroom she stopped in her tracks at the sight before her. It was the first time she had seen the room in all its glory, so to speak. She kind of walked into the lights with her mouth agape, staring at the bed. This was the first time that I got a glimpse of my wife. She looked stunning. She had applied her makeup and was wear a floor length, sheer black robe. It appeared as though she also had a shear nightgown under it and as she walked into the light, I could see her body through the material. My heart started pounding and I was getting a raging hard on to boot.

    Fran finally located me and said “Oh my God. Are we really going to do this?” I wanted to scream no but I was able to choke out the response, “Yes, unless you want to stop it?” Fran said she still didn’t believe Jack would come to the room because he seemed so nervous. Just as I was about to answer, there came a knock on the door. I looked at Fran and I could see that she had taken a deep breath and was holding it. I looked her in the eyes with an unspoken question. After a second, she lifted her eyebrows, exhaled and simply shook her head, yes. As I walked toward the door, my legs feeling like jelly, I heard Fran softly say, “Remember, not all the way!” Ahhhhhhhh Shit!

    I opened the door and there stood Jack. He had taken off his suit and was in a short sleeve shirt and trousers. I shook his hands (damn they were huge) and let him in the room. We walked into the bedroom and he stopped abruptly when he saw Fran standing by the bed. He told her that she was stunningly beautiful. I could see him standing next to her with all that light bathing them. He really filled out that shirt. His arms were extremely muscular. He took Fran by the hand and began to dance to the music that was playing softly. I kind of stumbled back into the chair. Fran asked me where I went to (she couldn’t see me very well because of the lighting.) I told them both to just forget that I was here and be themselves. They went back to dancing.

    They danced, about ten minutes or so, to the continuous tunes that played in the background, when Jack placed his hand under Fran’s chin and raised it up towards his face. They then kissed, softly at first and then more passionately. I could see by the way that their mouths were moving that they were swapping tongues. My heart was racing about 100 MPH. Jack was softly feeling Fran’s breasts, through her nightgown when Fran stepped back from him. I thought that she was about to call a halt to everything, but instead she undid the tie and took the robe off and let it fall to the floor. She did have a floor length black sheer nightgown on under the robe and you could now clearly see much more of her body through it. Oh boy!! She moved back into Jacks arms and she initiated a kiss. She was holding his face down to hers as she ground her lips into his. She then had her hands on his back and started to pull his shirt up over his head. He helped her take it off and as he let it fall to the floor Fran started unbuckling his belt. They got his belt undone and he let his pants fall to the floor. He kicked off his shoes and took off his socks and they then kicked the pile of clothes toward me. They went back to dancing and I noticed that he was wearing what appeared to be black satin boxer shorts. I could also see that he was built like and NFL linebacker, damned, they looked exotic together. They danced and kissed a few more minutes. I could see Jack feeling Fran up all over and I saw Fran running her hand down Jacks chest and finally her hand was between them and obviously she was feeling his cock through his shorts. She started kissing him very passionately and I could hear a combination of breathing hard and moaning softly as she continued to massage his cock. They were talking softly and I couldn’t make out what was being said, but Fran pulled away from him slightly and I could see that she seemed to reluctantly release her grip on his manhood. She raised her arms and I watched as Jack slowly lifted her nightgown up and over her head. He threw it toward the other pile of clothing. My wife was now completely nude and standing in front of this large black man, I could feel the bl**d pounding in my temples so hard, I thought I was going to pass out. Jack went back to caressing Fran as they dance. His large hands were on her ass then her breasts then her inner thighs.

    She kind of pulled him toward the bed. Fran quickly scrambled onto the bed and lay back on her elbows as Jack slow pulled his shorts down off his body. Fran’s eyes were glued to his groin region and I was watching her familiar pinky in the mouth and her other hand gently squeezing her tit. Her legs were bent at the knee with feet on the bed and she was slowly opening and closing her legs. I could see that she had trimmed her pussy hair, somewhat, and I also noticed that her slit was glistening in the lights. His back was to me and as I was lost in the beauty of the scene before me, I didn’t glance at any of the mirrors. He got on the bed and was lying on his stomach as he took her foot and started sucking on her toes. He did this to each foot, as Fran remained on her elbows and would occasionally roll her head back. She was obviously lost in lust at this point. Jack continued to kiss his way up her thighs, taking his time, until he reached her womanhood. Fran laid back on the bed and spread her thighs wide for him. I got up out of my seat and walked slowly toward the side of the bed, being careful to stay out of the light, and thus out of their sight. When I got to the side of the bed. I could see that Jack was sucking and licking her pussy as he slipped one, then two of those fat fingers in and out. I thought to myself, God Fran is getting more finger than she ever had as far as a cock.

    Fran was moaning very loudly and I could see her thrusting her hips to the rhythm of his fingers. I made my way back to my chair and was very tempted to remove my aching member from its cloth prison, but I resisted. Jack ate and finger fucked Fran for a few more minutes and then he continued his journey up Frances’ body. Kissing and caressing both breasts and gently biting both nipples. The views in the mirrors were staggering. Fran grabbed his head and pulled his face up to hers, they kissed and it appeared as though Fran said something to him and they rolled over on their sides.

    Fran knelt next to Jack and then rolled him onto is back as she rolled over on top of him in a 69 position. She was laying on his cock so I still didn’t see if he was “bigger than me” but Fran seemed to enjoy the ongoing events. I could see, via the mirrors that Jack was once again servicing Fran’s pussy with his mouth and fingers. She had her eyes clinched shut in obvious pleasure as she played with his nut sack. I could see that his testicles were drawn up tightly and that from the appearance it seemed like each testicle was larger than both of mine combined. His sack looked like a small grapefruit. Fran reached under her chest and raised herself slightly to pull out Jacks cock from under her. OH BOY. My first look. My heart sank. His cock was turgid. It stood well up into the air. It had a slight curve to the right, from where I sat, and it was easily as thick as Fran’s forearm. Holy fuck. I watched Fran stroke it and then she started to lick the shaft from top to bottoms, paying special attention to his balls. She would stuff the head and 4 or 5 inches of the shaft into her mouth and pump furiously on the shaft (I guess that qualifies as doing it with her hands). I could see the large bulge in Frances’s cheek as she continued to suck on that monster. She would occasionally gag when his cock went too deeply down her throat. I was also struck by the fact that she had more cock in her mouth than she ever had in her life and was still holding more than mine, in her hand. At one point Fran raised her mouth off of his cock and appeared to be looking out into the room for me. Her eyes were completely glazed over and half shut and her mouth hung open as she slowly ground her hips into Jacks face. She had the look of complete lust about her as she went back to, almost savagely, trying to devour that large brown phallus.

    This went on for a few more minutes when Fran let go of his cock, (damn that thing was big) and crawled off him and lay on her back. She took Jacks hand and pulled him over on top of her. My god, could she, would she, I quickly got off the chair and moved up to the foot of the bed. I got on my knees so that I was eye level to the bed. I could see that Fran had spread her legs very wide and I could see Jacks steel hard cock against her pussy lips. They were kind of rocking together slowly and his cock was rubbing slowly up and down the length of her splayed cunt lips. I could see his dark cock glistening with her juices as I heard them talking. Jack raised himself slightly up off of her. I could see Frances’ hand running up and down the length of his cock. She reached under and played with his balls for a second then once again grabbed his thick member. Now she was rubbing the large head up and down her now wide open pussy lips. Man she was soaked. I had never seen her so wet nor her pussy so swollen. I noticed that she had stopped rubbing herself with him and now was aiming him right for her vagina (will not go all the way, hah!) She found the spot and Jack slowly pushed his cock into her. After two or three strokes he was balls deep, I could hear her softly moaning as they slowly moved in unison.

    I stepped back, a little to get out of the light and I continued to watch as their movements became more heated. I could see Jacks cock slowly come almost all the way out of Fran then he would quickly slam it balls deep. She would moan loudly as he hit bottom. Their tempo pick up and Fran started begging him to “fuck her harder, don’t stop, Oh God I love your cock, please don’t stop. I want to feel you cum in me. Oh God I’m Cuuumming” Uh, this was my wife, the one who wouldn’t go all the way with a black man.

    As they fucked faster and faster, Fran’s moans became screams and I was damn sure everyone in the hotel was enjoying this fuck almost as much as I. It was obvious that Fran had taken me at my word and had completely forgotten that I was here. At one point she screamed so loudly that Jack asked her if she was alright and she moaned “OH yeah, Oh God I am great, please don’t stop fucking me. Oh God I almost forgot how good it feels to have a big cock in me. Oh God it’s been so long. Fuck me with your big black cock!!”

    Hello!!! Almost forgot how good it feels to have a big cock in me?????? Oh God it’s been so long??? What is this? I snapped out of my thoughts and confusion in time to see Fran wrap her legs around Jacks back and lock her ankles together. She was now slamming up to meet each of his powerful thrusts. I looked at their pounding organs (because of their position, I now had an incredible view.) His cock was coated white and she had a large stream of cum running down her ass cheeks and pooling on the red satin bed sheets. There was a large and growing wet spot stain on the sheet. They both were grunting and yelling some non-intelligible stuff at each other as they came for the, I don’t know how many times.

    Jack thrust deep into Fran and held his cock there while he slowly ground his hips into her. Fran matched his rhythm and they softly kissed and looked each other in eyes as they said how great it was. Jack rolled off of Fran and as he did, I could see his dark cock plop out and a thick wad of very white cum streaming out of Frances vagina and cascading down her still gaping pussy lips and continue down her ass cheeks. Jack lay back on the bed and Fran rolled over onto him and kissed him. He was still rock hard and as Fran and he were kissing, Fran’s hand was all over his sticky balls and stroking his gleaming cock. They did this for a minute when Fran straddled Jack and raised herself up onto her knees and inserted his cock back into her steaming cunt. She lowered herself back down onto the entire length in one stroke and leaned over on his massive chest. As they kissed she slowly rode up and down his shaft. I could see cum from their previous fuck, still flowing out around his shaft as she stroked. She continued her slow journey up then down for a few minutes when she sat up and re-positioned herself so that she was sitting fully upright with her hands on his chest. Fran started rocking back and forth on his cock. I could see his nut sack pressed firmly against her ass. As she moved at a blinding speed. She started her moaning, progressed to screams and then she lay back down on his chest and kissed him passionately while screaming into his mouth as she slammed up and down the entire length of that python like cock. I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to fuck that fast. In seconds, I heard Fran’s screams go up a couple of octaves and I could see cum flowing down Jack’s shaft and over his balls and obviously down his ass to another large stain on the sheets. This guy would cum and never really get soft. He was a literal fucking machine.

    They took a rest after that session and I watched them fuck twice more before Jack went to his room (right next to ours) for the evening. Fran walked him to the door, kissed him goodnight and they talked about something but I couldn’t hear what it was. She slowly walked back into the bedroom, her hair completely a mess, her makeup was smeared, she had hickeys on her neck, tits, thighs, and you name it. She looked like the definition of a well fucked lady. She looked at me and asked, “Was it everything you expected? Did you like seeing your white wife fucking that big black cock? Did you see him cum in me?. Do you want to fuck me now??” With that she took my hand and led me to those soaked rumpled up satin sheets. I quickly took my pants off and found that my underwear was soaked. I apparently had cum several times by the feel of the pants, without touching myself.

    I crawled up onto the bed and Fran started sucking my raging hard on. As I looked down at her, I was struck by how easily she was able to take the entire length of my cock into her mouth when a couple of hours ago she could barely stuff half of Jacks into her painfully spread cheeks. As she continued to suck, I found her pussy with my hands. I was awed immediately by the following sensations. First, her newly trimmed soft brown pubic hair was completely matted and very sticky. Obviously the result of the copious amount of body fluids that they had both released during their marathon love making session. Second, her clit was very swollen and extremely prominent. This was very unusual because I would always tease her about not having one because it was usually so hard to find. Not on this date. It was almost as big as my thumb. Third, her labia was extremely soft and highly engorged. I had never felt them like that before and finally, her vagina was soaked with both of their cum and appeared to be very much dilated. I could easily slip four of my fingers up her.

    She pushed me onto my back and mounted me. I truly felt lost in her now stretched pussy, but the extreme heat and sloppy wetness was a completely new sensation for me. Fran rode me slowly and was mostly grinding her pubic bone against mine. I asked her if she could even feel me she just whispered “hmmm, hmmm, I can feel you, it feels nice.” It feels nice, no Oh God don’t stop fucking me, I love your cock, just “It feels nice” Sigh. I then asked her what she meant by “Oh God I almost forgot how good it feels to have a big cock in me. Oh God it’s been so long” comment earlier. Fran stopped her grinding for a minute and looked shocked when she said “I didn’t say that”. I told her she most certainly did. She answered after a second or two, that if she did, it was just something she said in the heat of passion.

    I finished quickly and Fran went into the bathroom to clean up, she came back and got into bed and was asleep in minutes, she obviously was exhausted. I finally fell to sleep with all the events of the evening playing through my head. I awoke the next morning to find that Fran wasn’t in the bed. I went to the bathroom and found that she wasn’t there. I put my ears against the wall behind the headboard and I could faintly hear the familiar moans of Fran and Jack fucking. I was a little pissed off but I stayed put until about an hour later they came back into the room. He was dressed and she looking like she was just royally fucked again. She let her bathrobe drop (that was all she wore out into the hall and over to Jacks room?) to the floor as she headed to the bathroom. I followed her and asked her what the hell she was doing. She said that she was going to get dressed and go have breakfast. I told her that I was talking about in Jacks room; she looked at me and said. “Oh that, I got up about six and you were sleeping so I went over to Jacks room to see if he was up, one thing led to another and we fooled around a little. I hope you don’t mind?” Fooled around a little!! It was 9:30 AM. She went over there over 3 hours ago. I asked her how many times they had fucked, she responded, “A few, I don’t really know.” She kissed me and said, “Thank you. I love you. Are you going to get ready?” I just shook my head and said that I really wasn’t hungry and I told her to go along with Jack. Just bring me back a cup of coffee. She kissed me and they left.

    A few times with the 4 I watched last night. That means that my young bride had fucked this guy at least 7 times in less than 15 hours. I was trying to let all of that sink in. I opened up that 12 feet of curtains and the sun streamed into the room. I could look across the courtyard and see several couples having breakfast on various balconies. The sun really illuminated the room. I put the TV on and was watching something or other when they came back to the room. Fran gave me a cup of coffee and a doughnut and kissed me. She bit my ear while she whispered “Do you mind if we use the bed?”

    I looked at her, got off and went over to where the chair and table was right in front of the massive windows. The windows, shit I didn’t close them. Fran and Jack were furiously removing each others clothes while kissing. They didn’t notice or care that they were in full panoramic view of anyone who looked across the courtyard. They were undressed and on the bed. I must say, the sunlight beaming down on them really heightened the eroticism of the spectacle. I sat there sipping my coffee as they fucked themselves to three more orgasms. Fran’s strongest orgasm seemed to happen when Jack fucked her from behind, doggy style. I could see a river of cum flow from her as he pulled out. I laughed to myself as I thought about the cleaning staff when they retrieved these sheets (and probably Jacks also). They lay in bed and cuddled for a little while. I took a peek across the court yard and was reasonably sure that at least two other couples had watched, along with me, as my wife was fucked by this large black stud. I could swear that a thin woman with long brown hair saw me through what appeared to be binoculars. She applauded and then raised her thumb up into the air. I waived back to her. Jack and Fran were oblivious.

    Jack got dressed and went back to his room. We met later and went out to dinner. Jack paid for everything. He and Fran danced some more then we went back up to our room where they fucked a couple of more times. This time I left the curtains opened while all the lights were on. I wanted to give everyone a good show, especially the beauty with the binoculars.

    After they were finished with their second session. Jack and Fran walked to the door. Fran gave him another passionate goodbye kiss and she came back to bed, pecked me on the cheek and fell into a deep sleep. Sunday morning I awoke, no Fran. Screams from the next room. A couple of hours later, they both come into the room like two love sick kids, giggling and holding hands. They jumped into bed and they had a very slow and sensual love making session.

    Jack got up to get dressed and Fran stood up next to him. She kissed him and stroked his cock and she leaned over and kind of talked to his cock and told it “I am going to miss my big fellow here!” She kissed the shiny head and Jack finished dressing. We agreed (especially Fran) that we would keep in touch and get together as often as possible.

    Fran got dressed, packed and we left for the hour drive home. She was very quiet on the trip home but she did say that could feel Jacks cum flowing out of her still. She just had a very strange smile plastered on her face, a smile that stayed there for a very long time afterwards. When we got home Fran thanked her mother and I took her home and when I got back Fran had already put the kids to bed. We lay in bed and she actually started talking about the last two days. She said she never had experienced anything quite like that, she didn’t know if it was that he was black or that he was so good or what but she never had so many orgasms in her life. I asked her if it was maybe because of size of his cock. She hesitated for a few seconds and she timidly said “if I tell you something, promise me you won’t get mad?’ I told her that after what we just went through it would be kind of hard to get mad at her now!

    She said “Remember that time at the movies when we saw those two films? You asked me what I thought about the one actor and you teased me because you thought I was turned on because he was so huge?” I said “You mean John Holmes? Yeah so?” She was staring into my eyes as she hesitantly said “I was so shocked when I first saw his thing (boy we were back to calling it ‘His thing’ after I listened to her pleading all weekend to be fucked by a big black cock, go figure), I was shocked because it was identical to Robert’s!”

    Robert’s, Robert’s!!! The guy she cheated on me with? That little puke? Surely she was mistaken. I asked her, “I thought you said he was about the same size as me?” “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” She replied. “So that’s what you meant by ‘It feels so good to have a big cock in me again’ the other day.” She lowered her eyes and said” Yes.” I asked her if Robert was bigger than Jack and she said, “Oh yeah. Really, really thick. And his balls were really big.” “Did he make you cum, all the time he fucked you?” I asked, with my heart in my throat. She replied “I don’t remember anything like the last two days. I know that I got very wet and I really loved doing it to him because he would fill me up so much. I always felt like there was no room left when he was in me. When I got on top of him, he felt like he was way up past my belly button. It felt really nice.” I asked her if she let him cum in her and she said she did, she told me that he would always cum a lot and she was always afraid that I would find one of their wet spots, which I did.

    Well anyway our life changed after that weekend and we met with Jack on a semi regular basis for the next 12 years until his job relocated him. We also had several other “friends” including several times (much later) with Robert “Holmes”. If anyone is interested in that meeting I’ll write about it, not nearly as long as this though, I am getting writer’s cramp

    After Jack left the area, Fran seemed to go into a slight depression and put on some serious weight. I finally got her into a gym and she started losing some. I made contact with a gentleman (black) who lived about 3 hrs. away. Took Fran on a weekend stay and made the introductions/ Fran was surprised and very reluctant at first but she seemed to hit it off with Terry. He was nowhere near Jack’s physical size but when he took off his pants he was almost identical in length but perhaps a little thicker, this led to several fuck sessions and he is the gentleman whose videos I posted with Frances. I hope you enjoyed this story and I hope I didn’t bore you too much.
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