How my breeding fetish came to be


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I used to be afaid of it(disease and carelessly bringing another life into the world obviously), but an older woman I dated several years ago gave me my first experience with this. I was 25, she was 43. She was very hesitant to even give me her number, she has a daughter around my age but finally after weeks of friendly chatting she did.

Calls led to a date, dates led to a night spent together. The sex was better than expected. She was soo tight and wet that I'm man enough to admit though we had sex several times that night, the first say ten minutes in I was pumping load after load inside her. Then she revealed she had only had sex four times since her divorce that was six years prior to our meeting. At the time she wanted another baby before they got any older but ex hubby didnt want one. Only to find out he was having an affair with a younger woman and she was indeed pregnant. Her bad experience brought us much closer and the sex intensified like crazy.

After more n more sessions I'd gotten her used to me, never been with a black man or had a big dick in her. I worked with her throat, patiently demanding deep strokes and that she swallow everytime, which she submissivly and eagerly did. I made sure everytime I bust my sac in her I was pumping against her cervix till her orgasms were too much for her to handle. I was flooding so much cum deep inside her it was draining out of her like clockwork and she got on the pill tho she said her tubes were tied and wouldve needed a surgery before she could conceive again. And she loved when I videotaped our sessions it made her feel wanted n beautiful again so her obedience to anything I wanted in bed or on cam was exceptional.

But one night she turned me out. We stared out straight fucking, every position, good n rough, her pussy was a sloppy n streched mess with my cum draining out of her into a pool in bed. I was empty and tired, but she gave me head while I drank a beer and she eventually revived me. This time we made love missionary, slow n deep lots of kissing hands locked, you know. Then I must of hit a spot that hadn't yet been discovered because she floored me. We always talked dirty during our sex but she brought me into unfamiliar territory this time. Her moaning words went from "give me my nut baby" to "please baby fill me up with your cum one more time" to something like "oh God deeper I wanna have your baby please give it to me!!". It startled me, I wasn't qiute ready for kids plus I had no proof of tied tubes and she was sometimes quick to forget her bc. But it gave me an arousel unheard of... I started thrusting deeper till I was punishing her back wall everytime. I grabbed her by the hair while bear hugging her making her beg for the baby she wanted, making her beg and scream for young strong black cum to flood her womb, I made her tell me she was my breeding bitch. To this day I've never cum like that. Ever. A whole new sac of cum I felt from the bottom rushed up my shaft and exploded in her. I couldn't even move at first, spurt after spurt of seed just relentlessly shot against her cervix as she wrapped her arms and legs around me tighter. Once I was done we couldnt move we laid there stuck hugging each other and passionately kissing, her orgasms brought tears to her eyes. We locked eyes and she had a look on her face that screamed "baby you just impregnated me I know it".

My nut was soo intense it actually did hurt her so we chilled for a day. That night changed us and soon enough we found out I bred her with a baby. She was soo happy and I was too, a bit nervous of the unknown but happy and ready to be a father. We went home and off the excitement and arousal of the news I took her in the bed and bred her again, telling her these were the start of "feeding my baby" sessions which very much turned her on. Sadly tho, she ended up losing the baby and blamed herself harshly, and tho I tried my best to be there for her she fell in a depression and pushed me away and we split.

But it's an experience I will never ever forget, and with a happier outcome I cant wait to experience that feeling again.


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The Cost Of "Breeding" in America in 2015 ...

Something to consider when your dick gets hard and you have that urge to "breed" ...

And not even mentioned in this is the TIME involved; its basically a 2nd job, a seemingly thankless responsibility you have once you get home from work. That is, if you intend to be a father as well as a daddy. I give a hats off to my wife, as she sacrificed (still does) a tremendous amounts of her time managing ours. Now that they're teenager, however, we just take away privileges if issues come up ... phones, car keys, etc.

So, maybe it was for the good of everyone involved. You'll know when the right time is, though, to take on a responsibility like this, and you'll be ready to be involved, not just "breed".