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How much she worth?


Gold Member
No bull ever pays for my wife! She has had me give them money before.Black men take what they want and that is usually my wife, and she freely goes with them and walks right away with them.They usually look at me and say dont worry Ill bring her back! And they do, all full of cum gazing at them with love in her eyes.Could'nt imagine a bull paying for my wife when he can just have her whenever he wants for nothing
Hmm I'd have to think! Lol how about use me until you are satisfied! I'd have to think of prices for different services!
When you submit FP - I do not want to get short changed on anything - what is this some a la cart with U. Price to hold your hand, kiss your feet, play in your hair and "HELL" I can only imagine if I wanted the 7 full course meal?