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how much is too much ?


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enjoying it more than ever at the moment,could it be something to do with me being 40 this year ?
You're pretty much at your peak there - your body wants to get as much in as you possibly can as hard as you can as fast as you can. Better to get it in now than miss the window and not get more after. If you guys agree that its ok, then its no different than him pounding you out a ton of times a year.


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never looked at it like that before
That's why you posted the question :) .If you have a regular bull, it means you're certain he's not out possibly picking up something weird, your husband has no need to look outside for sex of any kind, and everyone is getting to the point of bliss on a regular basis. What's the loss?
Hahha well either way, your hubby and you still get to have more sex this way. Some people use viagra, some people go to sexual therapy, you have a black man, or two or three lol. It works!


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If the extra curricular isn't causing any harm to your marriage and your bed partners are giving you pleasure and not doing any damage to your body then you aren't having too much sex. There is a wide variation in individual sex drives. If you want it when you are getting it then that would be normal for you.

There is an old joke about this guy that goes to the doctor because he is tired and run down. The doctor checks him out and he appears healthy so the doctor starts asking about his person life. The doctor asked him how often he had sex with his wife and the guy says" a couple of times a day" The doctor remarked that seemed like quite a bit and guy says that he was also having sex with his mistress "a couple of times a day". The doctor said"Good God man you are having sex sex four times a day, you need to get a hold of yourself." The guy said "I do a couple of times a day"
I have another meet arranged tomorrow night with a new guy !!
he will be in me within ten minutes of our meeting .
pics to follow.......
That's terrific. I love what you are doing and I bet your hubby does too. It's so beautiful that you share your hot married pussy with black men.