How much is a secret ? Is that part of the turn on?

I expect the majority of us keep our black cock desires a secret - part of the excitement is being a white couple "" normal straightlaced white couple in public and behind closed doors we want to be on a leash for a big black man whipping us beating us and humiliating us.

For example my girlfriend and I use the same bar to meet our black studs for the first time- we often wonder if the bartenders and waitstaff in there know exactly what's going on as we've been there a number of times and meet the black man in public before we take them in private

How many of you keep it a total secret ? How many are open ? To who and what degree ?


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We all have skeletons in our closets that we'd prefer others not know about ...
pic_SkeletonsInCloset.jpg ....but like Jimmy Hoffa once said "every one of the skeletons in my closet deserved t!" :)


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it has to stay very secret for us as outwardly we're very straight laced middle class muslim couple with 4 children. in my local area i can't even speak to a man without tongues wagging.

keeping the secret wasn't so much fun as it is/was a constant panic stricken nightmare of worrying about being seen in the wrong place, going into the wrong house, coming out of the wrong car etc. it's partly why hubby and i have pretty much given up on this altogether.

it was fun exchanging knowing glances with hubby when the topic came up. not that it did often, people obviously don't talk openly about this kind of thing.


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not particularly. as in i didn't go out looking for a black man. i've actually wlays found well groomed white men the sexiest. Nordic men specifically. Italian and Spanish also quite yummy!

yeah i know, that's not in-line with the theme of this site.
I didn't want anyone to know at first but after second time meeting up in same dive bar we always go to nobody catches on. But leaving bar and he wanted her to get QOS tattoo and she wanted on her chest I was saying must beable to hide so she said forget it than. But I was so excited tattoo guy knowing cause we were all there. But she has told my friend to humiliate me after an argument. now I really want all to know but have to keep the secret just give clues lol.