How much BBC's can you handle


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my husband set me up with a all black gangbang over the weekend when we got to motel they were 6 naked guys waiting in the room with rock hard cocks from 8 ins. to 10ins long ....when the night was over my hubby ask how it was I had been with 3 guys before that night I told it was fun but 2 more guys would have made it a better ,,,,,,,,,, so I say 8 would be my number
So far it has been 1 on 1 situations, BUT I really want to have 2 or maybe 3 BBCs take me. After a very good fuck session fall asleep and wake up to a BBC penetrating me again, then one put in my mouth. They have there way with me, fall asleep again........and the cycle goes on and on.
Lol what you trying to say is that you can't get enough of BBC