How many white boys can relate to this?

I love the power of BBC and would absolutely Love to confess this to my gf. I have no idea how to go about it so I'm on this website in secret as well as have a bunch of cuckold porn hidden. Are there any other white boys trapped by there fantasies like I am?
Personally, I would wait, and did wait a long time, before telling her. I was nervous as hell that my girl would get all weirded out when I told her I fantasized seeing her fucking someone else, but she wasn't. Whatever you chose to do, do not push it on her.
She didn't. I told her, and was freaked out that she was going to look at me differently after, but while she isn't into the idea, she did not look at me any differently after.
This is how you tell her your fantasy, tell her you had a dream that you had caught her having sex this stud black dude with a huge cock and when you caught her she just looked at you with lust and kept fucking him! Tell her it made you extremely jealous but extremely turned on at the same time and Guage her reaction. That's a good way to plant the seed of BBC'S in her head.