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How many small dicked black men are out there?

It seems like all the women I know that have fucked black men say he was 8+ inches and thick. They say it was the best sex they ever had. Surely there are some that aren't the typical BBC and are just average in bed. Am I mistaken?


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99% of this site if made up of small-dicked black guys. They use fake pics and use strange camera angles to make their cocks appear bigger than reality.

This is precisely why couples are asking for 9"+ nowadays. They are used to guys claiming to be 8" and showing up with 6" cocks.
Lol what if this is my hobby? What's your hobby? Replying to people on this website then being a dick when they continue the conversation with you? If chatting on this website makes your life empty then where does that put you? Fucking hypocrite!


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Just passing the time at work.

My new hobby is to vet all the fakes on here. It's mich more fun than your pondering dick sizes.

Your mother could have avoided all of this by swallowing the load.
Haha indeed she could have. Yours could have done the same but I guess everyone makes mistakes. Hopefully she learned from it though. We don't need more hypocritical losers in this world. Talk to ya later bro!


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Every man I knows lies about their height but now we expect them to be honest about something hidden in their pants. Even the men we've met with big cocks lie about their size, if they have 8" they claim to have 11".
Unfortunately I would agree. We have found that most men exaggerate about their size and have also found that many men add to their height too as I am tall and prefer tall men.
Speaking as a black man not every black man have has a large cock. Honestly I don't know why it is so important to lie about height or cock size or why so many men do it. The member about who said "there are many small dicked black men" is telling the truth. I think there are a lot of black men out there like me, I just really love interracial sex. I already know my cock will look small to some and others will say its nice size. But, all I can do is use what God gave me and hopefully everybody else does the same.
but the whole train of thought is that black cock is superior to white cock no matter what the size even if the white cock is bigger than the black cock. Right?


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Go to your gym locker room and you will see the huge black cocks, but notice the total number of black men vs. how many of them you see nude. Small dicked black men tend to not get naked in front of the others.
And why would that be true? That is definitely not a true statemen....although I know so many men on here have that fantasy.
I didn't mean that I actually believe that because I don't but that's just what I've read on here and thought that was the general train of thought here
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I played sports in public schools, was in the military and I've been to jail. I wasn't looking but you can't not see naked bodies in open showers & locker rooms and I do not remember ever seeing a black guy who didn't have an impressive, heavy looking cock swinging between his legs. JS