How many of you are from Europe?


Hi! It seems like most of this website are people from the USA. So just wanted to have a fun poll to see where everyone is from!

I am in Europe myself and my bf and I are looking to try and find someone compatible in a MFM three some but it's somewhat more rare for black people to be here. It feels like USA has much more.
We want someone who is respectful and discrete with good manners and hygiene :) We're not interested in anything like pregnancy or that sort of fantasy

Hope to talk to you all!
Leute aus Europa abziehen
Ich denke immer noch, dass es in Europa ein großes Tabu ist
Man würde auch in Europa keine ernsthaften Menschen finden, die das wirklich wollen
Gott sei Dank ändert sich diese Meinung in Deutschland. Für die Älteren ist es noch ein No-Go, die jüngeren Lernenden akzeptieren es
Bin aus Erfurt Deutschland
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