How many guys have you girls swallowed


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Sucked four. Swallowed two.

The first BBC I ever had was just four years ago this past March. His name is Edwin and is an old friend and university roommate of Hubby. We had been married almost nine years at the time this happened. Early on in our relationship Hubby did mention his university friend by name, he never ever mentioned that he was black however. Edwin and Hubby lost contact with each other a year or so after graduation, which is a frequent and normal occurance I guess. This happened primarily because Edwin took a position with a major company in Europe.

I first met Edwin at a cocktail party while Hubby and I were attending a convention, combined with an extra vacation time I might add. Should I mention that ever since we first married whenever we were making out Hubby would always fantasize about me and a black guy making out. Well, long story short, Hubby's fantasy became a reality at that convention! It was also the very first time I swallowed any man's cum! Edwin's that is! I hadn't even done that for Hubby! It caused a little jealously so since then I've done it for him to keep peace in the family.
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How many black cocks have you girls sucked and swallowed
My wife had 7 boyfriends before me and she sucked all of them, but only with her last 2 boyfriends swallowed their cum once with each.
She used to suck their dicks just to turn them one before fucks. With her last boyfriend Axel, who was black, she sucked and swallowed his cum during a travel in her car. They were traveling by car along a solitary route and he was so excited. So she assisted him massaging and sucking his black cock while he continue driving the car. Finally they stopped beside the high road and she made him cum.
But she doesn't like swallow sperm. She found sperm viscous and hard to swallow. This is one thing that she left me know before we had a serious relationship.
Several years later, when we used to get dates with her ex black boyfriend Axel, I begged her to suck his dick during a friend's party.
We were talking discretely about sex with our friends and it turns our friend Axel a lot. So I suggested my wife to suck his dick.
Our friends thought we were in the restroom or walking by other sides of that house, but we were searching for a secluded place. We found a dark room in the house and once there Susie sucked Axel's dick until she made him cum. My wife turned on in such way sucking his cock, that finally she swallowed his cum.