How It Started


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How It Started…
It was a Tuesday and the hands of the clock stated that it was fast approaching closing time and yet I was knee deep in filing off some horrendous tax-audit reports in my computer. I could have left them for the following day, except I knew by then I would probably have more work on my hands and less time to attend to anything else.
Much of my colleagues were leaving; I wished them goodnight as suddenly I found myself alone with my work and a pressing neck pain. Then I heard a door come open and there was my boss, Lawrence, sticking his head out past his door, finding no one around until his eyes then settled on me. All the while I’d figured he’d long left his office – he usually was out of the building before five. He was a handsome-looking man, tall and black. The way his shirt seemed to expand I could tell he had an awesome physique underneath, though these were just musing thoughts. Nothing personal, really.
He approached my cubicle office; the top buttons of his shirt was undone, I noticed.
“Hello Sonia,” he said to me. “I’m surprised you’re still around.”
I pushed my glasses back up my nose before answering. “I should have sir, but I need to really work on these reports before they overwhelm me. Dinner will just have to wait for me at home tonight. I thought you’d left already.”
“I was out of the office a while earlier, but just to get me some Chinese take-away. Too much work to take care of as well.”
“That makes two of us,” I sighed.
“You look pretty tired. Why don’t you leave those reports for a while and come share some Chinese with me. Please, I could really do with the company.”
I didn’t see any harm in it, and besides I was awfully tired and I had this pressing ache in my neck and around my shoulders, I really needed a bit of a break.
I followed him into his large office and we went and sat down on the couch by the lounge area. From a mini fridge he took out a wine bottle and we drank, ate, and shared anecdotes about our work and our lives back home. He was a year younger than me and is still a bachelor. I asked him about it and he said he yet hadn’t found the right woman.
“I know she’s out there though,” he said while he refilled my wine glass. “I just have to sit tight and wait for her to stroll down my path.”
I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at his jokes, though I sensed I was becoming light-headed from the wine. I rubbed the side of my neck and felt the throbbing pain that was still there. Damien offered to massage it for me. I half turned in my seat and lowered my dress a bit from my shoulders and just about sighed with delight when I felt his palms touch my shoulders. His hands felt soft and light against my skin. I shut my eyes and pretended I was on some beach lying next to the ocean while he was giving me a gentle back rub.
I was so engrossed with the warmth of his hands working my shoulder muscles I barely noticed his breath stifling the hairs on the back of my neck. Then his lips kissed the back of my neck and curled all the way round to the side. I exhaled a throaty sigh; my hands reached up to caress his hands while his tongue slid upwards to nibble on my sensitive earlobe. A pool of wetness formed between my legs the instant he did that – I love nothing more than having my earlobes nibbled, and he was doing it so expertly, in more ways that my darling husband ever attempted to, which was often few. His hands left my shoulders and slid under my arms to my front to cup my breasts. Feeling his palms tickle my tits from behind my blouse, getting my nipples’ attention, got me so hungry and wanting to devour him right away.
He turned my face towards his and I opened my lips in time for his tongue to slid in-between. Our tongues flicked against each other’s while our lips smacked with desire. I turned around in my seat to face him and we both fell on the couch. My fingers went on work on his shirt buttons while his hands pushed up my skirt from behind and grasped my round ass. His fingers slid past my panties and I moaned further when they rubbed against my anal hole and my pussy wall.
“Damn, girl!” he laughed. “You’re so wet and ready for me!”
He sat up on the couch and ignoring his loose shirt began unbuttoning his pants. He pushed it along with his inner shorts down his thighs to reveal his thick erection. It wasn’t massive like you’d expect from a well-hung brother, but it was sturdy and thick, and I supposed correctly when I wrapped my hand around its girth that he knew just how to use it.
Damien lifted me from the couch and made me sit on top of his cock, straddling him. I reached between my legs and pushed my panties to the side and allowed that black cock of his slid inside me. I felt myself stiffen and I gave a sudden cry when its mushroom-shaped head gained access past my pussy walls and continue to go all the way. An earthquake-like tremour seemed to explode all over my body and by the time he’d thrust his cock deep into me the second time, I was having my first searing orgasm of the day. I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissed every inch of his face while at the same time whimpering like a bitch in heat. His hands fondled my ass, allowing me to rock him back and forth which I did. I can’t remember the last time I’d been enraptured with such heat wave before; my hands pulled at the buttons of my blouse as if I was on fire. He helped me to free my tits from behind my silk bra and helped himself to one of them. I couldn’t hold back my moans from reaching a high octave as I went ahead bouncing down hard on his thighs. His cock was like a steel pipe shoved inside me, filling me up with 100% ecstasy.
“You feeling me, babe?” he asked me while at the same time breathing heavy against my tits. “You feeling my cock in you?”
“Ohhh yes! Ohh yes! I’m feeling your cock so damn good!”
I went on rocking him for what seemed like a long time until he lifted me up, nearly tumbling both of us as his feet were still caught up in his pants, and dropped be back on the couch. He freed himself from his boxers and pants and shirt and then stood before me for a moment, letting me see how impressive his physique was … along with his thick black cock which glistened with my cum. I wanted to taste his cock, I really needed to. I held his shaft and pulled him towards me, parting my lips to receive him.
He threw back his head and groaned as I dug into sucking him. “Ahhh … yeah! Sonia, you sure are worth a million!”
I wanted to smile at myself at his words except my mouth was busy wrapped around his shaft and he was thrusting his cock all the way into my mouth. I’ve always enjoyed sucking cock and my husband too easily got off it whenever I gave him a good one … except he could barely hold himself from not blowing his wad once I’d started.
I went on sucking my boss for a while till he took his cock back and told me to lie back on the couch. He came to his knees and thrust his cock back into my warm hole and from that moment on till when I eventually climaxed once again, all I felt was the slamming of his cock deeper and deeper past my cervix and all the way inside me while my legs dangled over his shoulders. He pressed himself down on me, not giving my pussy any bit of mercy as he fucked me good; I could do nothing but surrender my lust and listen to my moans.
“Oh please … Ohh please, give it to me! Oh fuck me! Fuck me harder!”
The couch must have been strong enough to carry not just our weight but the combined pounding he was giving me. I just about screamed with joy when he made me cum one last time as he pulled out his cock and hurriedly jerked his shaft over my body. He muttered a guttural groan as streaming jet of white semen shot out of cock and splattered between my legs. He kept on squeezing more drops out of it and I then decide to help him and once again sat up and took his cock into my mouth; if I’d know I should have done that a lot sooner.
We both collapsed on the couch, panting like we’d just ran a race, while out the glass windows of his office overlooking half of the city’s sky-scrappers, the sky turned grey. He leaned his head on my shoulder and I held up his face and kissed him. We didn’t say much after that. I guess it would have ruined the moment if either of us had said anything to remind us of whom we are, or the fact that one of us was married and had never done such with any man outside her married life before. A part of me knew that things were going to be different between us for that moment on, but I refused to listen to that voice. I knew I liked him, and that I would love very much to have me fuck me again … but other than that I couldn’t think of anything. And the fact that he was my boss and if we weren’t careful about being around each other when at work that my other colleague wouldn’t waste time to find out. For most of them such was what they loved gossiping about – which co-workers were having flings, whom was married … so and on.
Damien led me to the wash room beside his office and helped clean me up with a hand towel. It felt just lovely the way he wiped his cum off from my body, after which he pulled me towards his body and we shared a long and passionate kiss before it was then my own turn to clean him off. I knelt before him and rubbed the towel over his thighs. His cock gradually became awake. I looked up at him and he laughed.
“Don’t blame me,” he said. “I guess the little man is just so taken by you.”


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Nice story, I believe that any white girl put in the same set of circumstances would do the same thing....come on black guys, you have to also help us turn them!!!!!!