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How it happens . . .

Hubby and I decided to go to Subway for dinner the other night. While standing in line, a younger black man mentioned to us that he thought we were an attractive couple. I thanked him and he said to my hubby, “And you are a very lucky man to have such a sexy woman as your own.” My hubby thanked him. I told the younger man that I found him to be quite attractive as well.

This young man was dark skinned and well spoken. He told me that I looked very classy yet very desirable. I was wearing one of my hubby's A-frame shirts as a dress. The young man stated, "Few women can wear something like that and still look classy." I thanked him again. When he ordered his sandwich, he told the counter girl that he was paying for us as well.

I told the young man that he didn't have to pay for us, but thanked him. He responded, "I believe that it is only right to give back to a woman who has already given to me by her shear beauty." I asked him if I could kiss him, and he said yes. When we kissed, I took liberties and felt him up. I liked what he had. I told the young man that he was a very god kisser, and he responded in kind.

Hubby and I asked the young man to join us at our table, and he did. My hubby sat across from me and the young man sat next to me. As we ate I asked the young man if he was married. He said no. He admitted that if he found the right woman it may be a possibility. He told us that he had just moved to the Denver area and he was wanting to find good people to be around, and possibly have some fun with.

I put my hand on his leg and felt the length of his cock. I asked the young man, "Do you think you are a fun person?" He replied, "I think I can be." I asked him to kiss me again, and he did. When we kissed, I felt his cock get harder. After we kissed, the young man told my husband, "your wife is a very attractive and very desirable woman. As I said earlier, you are a very lucky man."

My hubby smiled and told the young man, "I think that if you want to get lucky, we can make that happen." The young man looked down at my hand and his crotch, then he looked at my hubby and said, "If it would please the both of you, I would love to make love to your wife." My hubby asked the young man where he lived. He told my hubby that he only lived three blocks away. My hubby looked at me and asked, "Finish our sandwichs later?" I said yes. Then I looked at the young man and said, "Yes, to you, too."

We followed the young man to his house. Once inside his house, I asked the young man if he would mind if I got a little more comfortable. He said, “Do what makes you happy.” So, I took off the A-frame shirt that I was wearing as a dress, and I stood before the young man completely naked. I then asked the young man if I could do something else. He said, “I like you to do what you like.” So, I knelt before him, undid his belt, reached into his pants and pulled out his half hard cock.

The young man let me suck him for some time. While I sucked the young man, my hubby asked him if he had a g/f, or if he had ever been married. The young man admitted he had thought about it a couple times, but felt that marriage wasn’t really for him. He told my hubby, “There are too many women in the world for me to want to settle down with just one woman.” My hubby agreed that some men are for marrying and others aren’t.

The young man asked me to stand up. When I did, he and I kissed. His body was toned, his stomach tight, his cock . . . very, very nice. He led me to his bedroom and had me lie on the bed. He began to kneel between my legs. I stopped him and told him that I wanted him in me. He was only about half hard, but he was able to push himself into me. I loved the softness and the filling I felt as he slid into me.

We made love for over two hours. After me and the young man made love, he and I showered. When we got ready to leave, my hubby got the young man’s number and gave him ours. My hubby told the young man that any time he wanted me he could have me. The young man told my hubby that he would love to have me as often as he could. I told my hubby that I would make sure of it.

On the drive home, me and hubby talked about how nice it was that the young man made the first move at Subway. My hubby told me that he thought that a lot of couples may have missed the chance by thinking that the young man was just being nice. I told my hubby that it may have been obvious to him that we were in an open marriage. We both agreed that no matter what the reason, the night had turned out pretty damn awesome.

The reason for telling this is because it doesn’t have to be a club environment, or a swing club, or anywhere special for you to meet and hook up. It can happen anywhere. Being open, honest and outgoing is what makes it happen. Wearing very little helps as well. Had we been someone else, we could have missed the opportunity we had and took advantage of. So many people are looking for lovers or for women who are easy. The thing is you have to make yourself available.

If you are looking for a woman or women, or if you are a woman wanting new experiences, be open and aware. Hooking up can be and is easier than most people make it out to be.