How It Happened...

Happy to find this site do to my wife and her friends! WOW our experience!!!

I messed around a lot especially with brown ladies (and all colors), rumor, one of the Black gals had my White baby but I never saw my supposed biracial son. Later on, I met my White wife who was very young, (19) I was twice her age. (I could be her father almost!) She had naturally golden blonde hair and had chocolate brown eyes. (had a hard time keeping guys away from her.) She was born in Poland and came to America when she was little with her parents.

I met her at a local community college we both were attending and we later got married and had a daughter. (our daughter is 6 1/2 years old at the time of this writing).

My wife Anna was jealous of my past because I had sex with Black ladies. I teased her one night and said how about I bring an old black man in our bed some night? (btw my wife likes older men). She hinted about a Black friend of ours named Barry. An old black man that could be old enough to be her grand dad.

As time went on, Anna told me her two friends and her were watching interracial porn one day since one of her friend's is dating a Black man. Anna got turned on and her two friends suggested she should sleep with a Black guy.

But Anna would be turned on if I was present watching her get fucked by another man.

Barry is a good friend of ours, was married once but his wife left him, he never had children. I went to his place and told him about Anna. He was interested! (he told me once at a house party he's would like to have a White girl like my wife.) We made plans.

Anna and me usually have sex once or twice a month, it felt better instead every day or a few times a week unless we got horny.

I knew it has been about a month and Anna was getting horny.

Me and Anna went to our favorite night club, she was fixed up pretty but she didn't know that it was her lucky night!

Barry showed up (it was planned but Anna did not know it) We had a few drinks and dancing. Barry went and danced with Anna, it turned me on when she had her arms around him.

We left the club and Barry came home with us. Drinking wine on the couch talking, Anna grabbed my crotch and Barry's too! She was horny!!!!

We went to the bed room, Anna took off her high heel black shoes and crawled onto our bed and kneeling straight up.

I began to stripped down to my underwear as was Barry doing the same.

I got behind Anna and pulled her tight black muscle like shirt off and removed her black bra.

Anna's breast were sticking out and was very very hard!

Then I unzipped her black mini-skirt from behind and her white cotton thong like panties appeared.

Barry pulled down his dark purple boxer underwear and took them off. This guy had a brown pipe on him you wouldn't believe! His brown balls were big and round! I was getting jealous :( but then loving it as I took off my white Fruit of the Loom underwear. I was hard!

Anna laid on her back with her legs spread showing her hot pantie crotch!

We both laid side by side kissing her and feeling her honey comb, Anna was very wet!

Then she closed her legs and I removed her underwear. Then she spread her legs wide open, she was very wet!

Barry mounted up on top of her and began to shoot for the stars. We both took turns on her. She was moaning and screaming out loud. (Thank god we had a baby sitter watching our daughter across from town.)

Then Barry blew his hot white love inside her, as I did the same later. We shot three times inside of her!

It was the best love ever!

A few days Anna wanted more and we did the same loving making.

Barry had to go out of town and we planned to have fun but we would have to wait because Anna's period was coming. So we had to wait a while and while we waited!

Anna was 10 days late on having her period. She's been late before. She had morning sickness and vomited in the bathroom.

Now what? Anna took the home pregnancy test and it showed: Positive! We went to the doctor and the a test prove, Anna was pregnant! But whose baby?

Barry came over and we broke the news that Anna was pregnant! But we don't know who the father is and timing did check out that hot first night she got knocked-up.

It was a long 9 months and Anna had a baby boy and it was Barry's! We live together now. Me and Anna later on had a White baby, a son and then Barry and Anna two years later slept together while I was present (I wore a condom) She had a baby daughter from him. Yes we hid the pregnancy in case any family members would question why a old Black man is living with us and the two biracial kids. We lied, that those are his grand kids after mom and dad were separated. We have sex now and then and I just love watching Anna getting off on his Black bull! No doubt, another Black baby is in the works!