How it all started

I have to ask, bc I have always found this interesting... where did it all begin for you? How did you initiate the conversation with your significant other that this was the lifestyle you were interested in? Did it take convincing to make it happen, and if so, how long before you acted on it?

I'd be willing to share my story, but I want to see what kind of responses I get. I love this sort of stuff.


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We were swinging for years with me needing/desiring sexual variety. Bi hubby loved being a submissive to me. I had quite a few men but the sex frequently left me unsatisfied and over the years I had developed a preference for women. A family member knew of my frustration with men and suggested black men. Well she was right and finally I achieved the elusive multiple squirting orgasm. I have been enjoying black men for 12 years.