How is life as a BBC?

Im just wondering how good life is know that you have a big thick cock that all women would love to be fucked by?

Like how often do you get laid with those huge bbc's?
Or how easy is it to fuck another mans wife?
Do you show off ur bulges on purpose?
How does it feel knowing that every girl who tries it will quiver in joy and squirt all over it?


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First of all not all women want to be fucked by a big cock black or otherwise. I am in my mid 60's and I like to get laid a couple of times a week. Quality is more important than quantity now. I belong to a group and we restrict our activities to members of the group. When I was younger and single I was constantly horny and got laid as often as I could. I came of age during the Civil Rights movement and there was lots of willing white women. The majority of women enjoyed their encounters however some women just don't handle a really large man. It took me a while to learn how to use what I had. Especially in my teens and early 20's I suspect some women would have liked me to be smaller.