How far would she go?

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    This morning I noticed my wife was taking longer than normal to get herself ready for work today. She was in her black stockings, black garter, black panties and lace black bra. They were covered by her short green sweater dress that clings to her curves. Been a while since she wore anything like this, let alone for work.

    A little while ago she texted me and told me that her morning meeting with her bosses went great. They had been in the meeting for 4 hours and when they were done, she had gotten a raise and a promotion.

    I have not heard exactly how or what she had to do to get the promotion, but I know she has been spending a lot of time with her new boss after work and out of town.

    Would love your input and stories of what your wives have done to get their way and what you might think my wife did or had to do to get her promotion.

    Is there anyone else who has been cuckolded for their wife's boss?
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    hasn't happened but I keep hoping. just need to find her a job for a nice black man.
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    I started to do it with my boss when I was 19 and my girlfriend was still present husband