Which of these activities could your wife enjoy with another man without going too far?

  • Talking / flirting

    Votes: 86 51.2%
  • Dancing

    Votes: 79 47.0%
  • Go out for dinner or to a bar for a drink

    Votes: 60 35.7%
  • Touching

    Votes: 67 39.9%
  • Kissing

    Votes: 69 41.1%
  • Getting felt through her clothes

    Votes: 68 40.5%
  • His hand inside her bra and panties

    Votes: 71 42.3%
  • Giving him a hand job

    Votes: 70 41.7%
  • Giving and/or receiving oral sex

    Votes: 69 41.1%
  • All the way fucking

    Votes: 132 78.6%

  • Total voters
When they Get Totally Stupid & ask her to Marry them !!!. Like that ole saying >>> You cant FIX Stupid !... Game Over !. Yea one tryed talking that shit to her/us, im still loflmmfao. talk about a Dumb Fuck ! Mines going nowhere ! its all in pleasure & fun ! anything more, take a hike...
I expect my wife will go out dancing while she is on vacation so some touching would be involved. Having a drink with a man may be okay but if she is out on a "date" that may be different. I would think if she accepted a date from another man, she would be open to much more.