How Far...How Long Would You Go?


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There just might come a time when the hubby is going to get pretty tired of cuckoldry and want for things with he and the Mrs. to return back to normalcy. Maybe they're both growing weary, or maybe it's just him. Or maybe the kids are becoming too aware of what Mom and Dad are secretly up to and don't wish for it to continue anymore.

Have you ever thought of just how long you'd like to keep keeping your cuckolding appearance, or you just don't think about it at all.

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Not sure once you start and allow her to go black that you will ever stop her. I know for a fact that she can't fuck at home due to the kids but she'll never totally stop, way to late for that now!!!!
Well as a divorcee, it's not some thing I have to consider, but I think eventually any husband is going to start thinking what has he lost, and yes he has lost her, lost her respect and lost her loving, lawyers and divorce youy we come again
Perhaps, but then again I believe it's very possible to live the lifestyle without losing respect and love. Things change for sure but that doesn't have to mean the end of the relationship. My girl and I are inseparable. She loves me for who I am and respects me for a whole variety of traits that she admires. Our feelings are mutual.

That doesn't preclude an active sex life that includes others ... or that entails some rather kinky aspects.

Our bedroom games turn us on ... both of us. When we're done with an encounter with a BBC'd guy, a couple or an adult party and we're driving home we just look at each other and have a good laugh ... and then go about the business of being just another ordinary couple.

Till the next time ...
as i said before its not about my hubby or what he feels or thinks about my black lovers.. its about my feeling and passion and as long as i enjoy the sex with a hot dominate bull it will continue..