How do you select?

Which is ideal for the B2W lifestyle?

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As a relatively new member of B2W, I notice countless posts about the opportunity between members to talk, meet, and perhaps engage in consensual activities.

However, I am very selective and cautious about who I decide to meet. Let's face it, quality is always better than quantity.

What do you consider are critically important factors to finally take it from online to real life?

1. Close distance?
2. Personality?
3. Looks/cock size?
4. Intelligence?

Share your thoughts?

All of it. Safety. Discretion. A gentleman. I have to connect. I have never been one for a one night stand. I have to know that character of the person. They have to be clean...and I don't just mean std free. The only dirty part I want is a dirty mind. I would have to have some continuing conversation or contact with someone for a while before I'd ever agree to meet in person. I'm new here, too


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I currently belong to a group, my bed partners are either members of the group I know or someone that refers a woman to me. Since I have been in the group I have never been disappointed by a referral.

The biggest factor for me is a good sense of humor. I have generally found that women that laugh easily usually fuck enthusiastically.


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My wife is a highly intelligent woman. Therefore she looked for one who was a match. She also talked a lot about size and stamina.

Good genes are very important because we have a daughter. And she's terrific. We chose the right bull!

There are so many factors and individual challenges. It is not easy but I hope that people are making good decisions that avoid drama. At the end, trust and respect are necessary to create a mutually rewarding experience between all consenting adults.