How do I go about getting my first BBC?

You could go to a local bar, or if you are comfterble enough you could meet someone off of a site. has alot of bbc on it.
Where are you from? Maybe i could help ;)


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Go someplace where there are black males, dress deductively (that's optional), find someone that gets your juices flowing and make eye contact. If he is interested he will be talking to you shortly.

The best way is to find a group of men and women that are active IR players. The group setting is more likely to be safer and one of the women could probably recommend a bull that would be best for your initiation in the IR world


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I am not sure how to go about meeting my first black bull. Any suggestions
Find a nice motel bar for the business types (Hilton or Crown, etc), or a HipHop bar where dancing is going on, dress seductively ( I believe that's what Torpedo meant), wear some form of BBC indicator (see below) and order yourself a glass of wine. Just be sure this is what you want because its not nice or safe to "tease the natives" ... ;)

cuck_jewelry-ankleBracelet4-tattoo.jpg cuck_jewelry-ankleBracelet5.jpg View attachment 159150 cuck_jewelry-QspadeEarrings.jpg cuck_jewelry-ankleBracelet1.jpg
As if a man can see her small ankle tat or anklet in a dark crowded bar or club. I don't understand these questions. Its simple as 123 for a women to meet a man and get sex.