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How do I get wife blacked


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re: How do I get wife blacked
I am 5.5 inches and no I don't please my wife and only last 10 min at the most and feel like a fucking loser .
.....Before wanting this, I'd be wanting a true assessment as to why I'm wanting this ... is it truly because you aren't ringing her sexual bells, and if so, have the 2 of you talked about why? If getting her to screw other men would enhance your own performance and desires for each other, I could see a logical reason. But, if it truly is because you are inadequate and you're wanting another man to do what YOU can not or will not, that's inviting problems. In that case, you would not be gaining anything other than jerking yourself off at the sight or thought of her screwing other men ... are you sure this is what you want? Because you specifically state "blacked" ... it leans more toward your own self gratification instead of hers.
.....Also, premature ejaculation can be fixed ... sometimes very simply. A lot of times guys don't put forth the effort to getting their woman "wet & excited" before initiating penetrating sex, thus the vagina simply jerks the guy off in no time. A little more effort toward foreplay would probably help ... maybe even giving her oral to orgasm to get her aroused.
.....What discussions have you had with her regarding your sexual performance and/or her considering other men?
One way couples try is by watching porn. It doesn't have to be pure interracial, just one with sciences involving a black man fucking a white girl.
If she is hot, go to clubs with at least a few black men and let her dance with them. Then buy them both drinks and hold her purse while she dances. The rest will take care of itself.
If you don't try MacNFries' advice, you can obviously go ahead and get her 'blacked'. You convince her to go to a swinger club where Black singles are regulars and you'll get her 'very blacked' for sure. Chances are that like in my case, you may end physically and emotionally more distant from her than you intended to.