How Do I Get My Wife To Try BBC?

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    Let me be the first to give her some black dick ?
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    No BBC here, but If you are interested in sharing her with another male, I am in southern MD
  4. were are u guys from
  5. only after you bent her over for that black cock and .....her pussy is stretched out wide and deep and her throat coated with that black cum
    will you know if she is worthy to service
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    white husbands dream wife ready to go on the town and party dressed to pull a black cock to live out their fantasys
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    when she is good and ready for black cock then she will no use trying to push it on her.. sounds like it could be your fanstay to see your woman with black cock.. oh i would fuck her.. x
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    First off stop saying try and start saying how will I get my wife doing BBC.

    When someone says try its self defeating sounds like they've given up before they even started.

    Read the following pdf

    P.S I want you to try not getting her to have sex with as many black men as you want. I want you to try and not get her pussy stretched out by those big black cocks. I want you to try and not turn her into the natural slut that you know is in her deep down - that we know exists in all our ladies , don't we.
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    I think a most important place to start is by decreasing the amount of sex that you have with her first. Why? Because a lady that loves to fuck wants it even more when she don't get it. You have to get her to wanting dick real bad before you ever supply her a chance to get it. Then start reading and studying the above PDF file. Then practice it because that does work.
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    My kind of wife!
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    Start off by watching IR porn with her, let her know that you like watching black cock go into a white girls mouth and pussy, get her to talk about it, ask her if she likes watching it. Every white girl I've dated except one, watched it, talked about it and finally ended up doing black guys. My first wife started when she had our car repaired, while at the garage she got buzzed with them and soon they had her in a backroom and both did her, it was her first time with black meat and she milked them both dry in her unprotected pussy. The second time there was a young black guy that was doing landscaping at a school across the street from us, she put on her short shorts and within 2-days had him in our bed and milked him dry. This went on all summer. My current wife when she started it was the same way, IR porn, talking to her about it and soon she was spread open for a black guy she worked with. Since then the black guys at work (various places) get to have her. She's a flirt and she knows how to get their attention....Hopefully this helps!
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    Bring her to Atl....
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    The IR porn and a friend of hers who is a queen of spades did it. She is getting to know a guy and has masturbated over and over to his pics.