How did your cuckold fantasy begin?


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Have you ever had a cuckold fantasy before you were marryed? Did your fantasy begin with your wife? Who was who suggest the idea about black lover?

My case is diferent. I didn't know I had a cuckold fantasy. Even more, I didn't know I could feel excited sharing my wife with another guy in special black.
I had had a black collegue from my work, Axel who was having a relationship with Susana, my actual wife.
Axel, Susie and me worked together for almost one year until Axel moved to another office. They brook up their relationship some months after that.
I wished have a relationship with Susie but she was still worry about her relation with Axel. We started to go out but we didn't use to have sex.
You know this story. One day she confesed me that she had been turned on and she had fucked Axel in his home. It disturbed me a little, but at the same time I felt myself excitated! I asked her a lot of question like, if she had enjoyed having sex with him, what kind of position had they used and more.
Some days after that, she brook up with him definitely and I became into her new boyfriend.
The first night we had sex, I turned on thinking I was putting my dick in the same place that Axel had put his black cock!
Later, answering at one of my questions, Susie told me how Axel had fucked her during their first holidays. She told me they fucked standing twice. The first time under the shower, but my wife couldn't cum because Axel had cummed first due his excitation. They went out from the shower and when they were walking to the bedroom, Susie "swallowed" his black cock until it turned as hard as a rock. Then they fucked again standing by behind, facing the clothier's door.
Susie cummed just in one minute screaming due the pleasure. It turned on a lot because he didn't need a rest between his first and second orgasm!
In that momment I told my wife I would like watch her fucking with her ex black boyfriend in front of me