How did you convince your wife?

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    I'm convinced the wife would be hooked once she got the BBC in deep and had the intense orgasm that causes - it's just getting them to let them in - getting passed the whole marriage vow or even chosen boyfriend thing and letting go and experiencing true pleasure. It's about sex not relationships, but somehow since women let a man inside them, it's not that easy. They are forever connected to whomever they let inside. If they could stop seeing it as gross and see it for the beauty that it is, then they would do it. It's a question of whether they see themselves as sluts or not, and unfortunately, until they feel the stretching and long fuck and deep orgasm, they are not going to be convinced and not be willing to do it. So the question is how? I wonder if a big dildo is the answer - make them cum with it and then they will want the real thing because there is no substitute for a real man on top of them. Trouble is, my wife won't even look at a big dildo. My wife is the most difficult case of all - not much interest and I cannot get her over into the slut zone. The first time we had sex, she asked if that was all there was to it. Since then no matter what I try, I cannot get her to go over the edge. So I'm not giving up on the big dildo thing - I just have to figure out how to get her on it. Has anyone else done it that way?
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    Introduced my wife to a black friend. Invited him over for drinks. I left them alone on the couch for awhile. I came back and they were kissing. She asked if I minded, and I said no. She said she wanted to take him up stairs and finish this. I said go ahead. They were drunk and horny. Of course this is what I had planned all along.
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    Depending on the woman its not always as easy as some people say it is to convince a lady to have sex with another man let alone a Black Man ... I approached my then long time girl friend with the possibilty of her being with another guy and I would say she was shocked to say the least, but as she seemed to be warming up to the idea I expressed my desire for the "other guy" to be a black guy ... This put things back to square one immediately and she said she was not at all interested in that happening but she might consider a get together with another guy if he was a white guy ... There were several stipulations and ground rules that had to be in place or she was not interested in participating in anyway ... I would bring up the subject time and time again over the next few months to the point she was not interested in hearing about it anymore, so I backed off ... Time passed and one day while we were very relaxed and had a few drinks I presented her with my idea once again, this time she looked at me and asked if that was what I really wanted ..? I told her I wanted her and I to try it and see how it works out for both of us but that those involved would be her and the guy of our choice, but I would be there every minute to make sure nothing out of the ordinary would happen ... I met with several possible candidates over the next few weeks and found two guys that I felt she would be comfortable with knowing her as I do and the type of person she would get along with ... The following weekend I told her that I found two guys and she could pick one or both of them from the pictures and I told her about the discussions I had with both of them ... She again expressed her faith in my knowing people and how I felt and she said for me to pick which ever one and set up a meeting to see how it goes ... She was obviously turned on by talking about it because when we went to bed she was in the mood for talking about whats going to happen, when, where, and was rubbing herself into a sexual frenzy ... I got into bed and she told me if we are going to do this lets make it happen and be done with it before she changes her mind ... She was soaking wet and I got on top of her and fucked her until she got off and them I put my cock in her mouth and let her get me off before we drifted off to sleep ... The next morning she seemed to be quite happy and curious as to when I was going to set things up, I told her for the following weekend if that was okay with her, she said fine ... I contacted Ken and told him that the plan was for all of us to meet the following weekend and he said that would work for him ... I told him that we are going to meet and talk for awhile to get confortable and see what happens but there were no promises, he said thats fine also ... The next Saturday afternoon was when we were all set to meet and my girlfriend seemed to be on the nervous side with touch of being anxious mixed in for good measure ... She started getting ready and told me to lay out what I wanted her to wear, so I picked out a nice little short black dress, some strappy high heels, and thigh high nylons that were so sheer they had to be like nothing on her legs ... When she got out of the shower she called to me and asked what underware I wanted her to wear and I told her what I laid out was what I wanted her to wear ... She said she would feel naked with nothing else on and i said that was the idea and she said okay but reluctantly ... I suggested she bring an outfit to chage into just in case we all desided to make things happen and she said fine, but no pressure ... We met Ken in the Lounge of an up scale hotel, I introduced them and suggested we take out drinks outside so we could all talk privately ... We sat at the table so she would be in between Ken and I and so she could show some leg to Ken as we all sat and talked ... I noticed she was actually flashing Ken from time to time and was thankfull I told her she didn't need any underware ... She excused herself and went to the rest room and I asked Ken what he thought, he said yeah man I can do that no problem ... I asked if she was flashing him some leg and he said more than some leg and laughed ... She came back and Ken excused himself to go and use the rest room, I asked her what she thought and she said he seemed like a really nice guy and she was game if I was ... I asked if she was flashing him and she said she was hoping he was liking it and that soon he was going to have a face full of it so whats the differece ..? Ken came back and I told him that it was a go if he was interested in things happening that day ... He said he was and I went to get us all a room and left them talking at the table ... When I returned I don't think they noticed that I was back and they kept on talking ... I went to get the change of clothes bag from my car and told her that we can go to the room so she can change and I'll come back down and get Ken ... She looked at him and said she will be seeing him real soon and that she can hardly wait ... I went to the room with her and she was feeling good, very relaxed, upo for what was about to happen ... I told her to change and I'll go back down and get Ken, she said call the room before you come back up to make sure she was ready, I said okay ... Ken was just sitting there when I got back downstairs and he said he was really going to enjoy this and that she was drop dead beautiful and sexy as hell ... ( She is 5'2, 135#, red hair, shaved, and beautiful blue eyes)\
    I told him that I had to call the room and make sure she was ready and that I'd only be a second ... I called and she answered and asked if I was okay with this and I assured her that I was and to just relax and she said she was really relaxed and ready ... Ken and I went upstairs and met room service at the door with out drinks ... We walked in and she looked like a knock out sitting on the arm of the couch in the room, in a sexy outfit I had never seen before and told me to sit in the chair and for Ken to come and sit by her ... She was as sensual as I had ever seen her and as sexy as I could ever remember her being ... She spread her legs slightly so Ken could see and touch her, then she got up and took Ken by the hand and had him follow her to the bed... She sat down and undid his pants and let them fall to the floor and she was staring right at his stiff black cock, so she did what comes naturally and started sucking it ... She stopped and asked me again if I was alright with this, and I assured her I was and told her to enjoy ... They sucked, fucked and any and everything else you would imagine for over 3 hours ...He would get off and she would suck him hard again over and over ... He was spent and done in and said he has to throw in the towel ... Then Ken got cleaned up and dressed and left ... She was on her knees right in front of me and took out my hard cock and told me how much she loved me and thanked me for letting that happen ... I told he to hold that thought until the next time ... On the way home she told me she was going to do what again and I said that was fine with me as long as I get to be there and watch ... Our sex life is better than it ever was and continues to get better every day ... We are married now by the way, got married two weeks after the abouve happened in Las Vegas ...
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    I didn't have to convince her. She's always craved black cock. I just had to go along with it.
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    Hummmm, marry a slut that already likes black cock and make it easy.....although I didn't know until after we was married but it was sure an added benefit, yummy!!!!!
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    Lol I was already fucking my husbands friend and he caught us,now Im white married and black owned!And very happy :)
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    At a lifestylers party. But there is more to the story. I meet the wife just after I got out of the military and went back home, I was about 30 and she was almost 19 ( Yeah but she looked and acted older) We started dating and next thing ya know she was pregnant, well time to get married ya know. Kicked out another kid shortly after the 1st one was born, yeah she was good LOL that and we finally got cable TV in the bedroom LOL well enough was enough i decided to get a vasectomy done no sense putting her through birth control, it kinda makes her less horny LOL. Well after the kids left the house for lives of there own, we became whats called empty nester, we started going out more and making contact with old friends and new ones. Then one night at a friends house we were having a few drinks by the fire, talk turned to a party they were hosting later in the month and they asked if we wanted to go, well he said its not a regular party but a lifestylers party, yeah they were swingers LOL well we did go and had a great time, didnt play or anything but it was a blast, we were known as the vanilla couple LOL cause we wernt into the lifestyle yet. Well we attended a few more partys but never did anything, we must have been liked cause we kept getting invited back LOL Wel then we got invited to whats called a hotel takeover in a city somewhat away. So we decided to make it a long weekend, stayed Thursday thru Monday with the party hapening on Saturday night and a little meet and greet on Friday, stayed until Monday just cause checking out at 11am with a hangover and driving 500 miles is a bitch ya know. Well we never thought about getting into the lifestyle, we just wanted to have some good times with great people, that and we also like to watch LOL. Well during the meet and greet while at the bar a nice black guy started talking to us, you know the usual questions, are you with the party tomorrow night? How long you been in the lifestyle? Where you from and so forth. well come to find out he is from our hometown LOL well after a few drinks, well many drinks and some dancing and good conversation the bar closed and we were all feeling pretty good LOL nah who we gonna kid, we were drunk lol well we headed back to our rooms, as we are walking down the hallway and since they were getting along very pretty good and I had a hard on watching this unfold in front of me LOL well I decided to stay back a little bit to see how this played out, as they are walking down the hallway my wife reaches out to grab his hand and begins to hold it, next she puts her arm around his waist and his around her shoulders. At this point I had a raging hard on, and I was like this shit is gonna happen, now i had some crazy emotions and part of me said to put a stop to it its not what were are into we were here just for a good time and party and my little devil said fucking A lets do it. Well we got tot he elevator my wife grabs my hand and winks at me, I was like fucking AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA as we are riding up to the floor she began making out with him and she still held my hand, more for reassurance but I think she wanted me to be ok with it. As we got off the elevator and walking to the room they were holding hands a doing a little chit chat eventually we got to the room and I opened the door, and held it open while they stayed outside for a few minutes making out an talking, it was a very erotic conversation, eventually they came into the room kissing and doing foreplay, he was grabbing her ass tits and just making her horny LOL well she stopped and stepped away from him and they looked at each other for a few then she began slowly taking off her cloths, now for a woman in her very early forties and after two kids she maintained her figure real good, still had the flat stomach, firm tits and nice round ass, so as she is standing there she says you like? He is like drooling, eyes wide and shaking his head up and down oh yeah. Now he gets undressed and says to her do you like? she just smiles and says yummy, now he says do you want this? She moves forward and grabs his cock and holds it, they start making out again, now she looks over at me with that look in her eyes and ask do you want this to happen? Im like I could stop this now and never do this again, thats my wife and mother of our kids, what are we doing, just lots of emotions running through both our minds. I thought now I better choose my words carefully cause this is gonna a life changing event, I still remember those word and will never forget them I told her to FUCK HIS BRAINS OUT! she just smiled and started making out with him again and she slowly starts moving down his chest kissing and and licking, eventually she is on her knees in front of him holding his cock, I was like holy shit, dude how big is that thing? very proudly says 10 inches, holy shit ya know. there she is on her knees holding a black strangers cock in her hands and she looks up at him and says you know Ive never been with a black man before! he smiles and says i'll be gentle. She looks over at me smiles and says I LOVE YOU, and she starts blowing him. I was like WOW this is some crazy shit! She is going crazy on his shit, both hands jerking it off while her mouth stays on the head, playing with his balls, moaning like crazy. He moves his hands to her head, and hers moves to his ass, then he stops, lets out a breath and a low moan, she tightens up her hands around his ass to the point it looks like her nails are digging in to him, Im looking at her, his hands are on her head she is latched on to the head of his cock and I can see her throat moving taking every drop he has. Im like holy shit she has never done that before! as she finished she looks over at me smiles and opens her mouth, she still has some of his load in it, she finishes it off smiles and says I LOVE you. WOW I was speechless the scene was so intense. After she came over to me and said did you like that? I was like fuck yeah now I wanna see you take that 10 inches she laughed and said well i'll do my best. She walks over to the bed and starts arraigning the pillows for doggie style. He walks over and starts fingering her pussy, she is so wet like wow. Now he starts talking to me asking questions Has she ever been with a black man before? Has she ever had anything this big before? I was like no im not that big LOL he just smiled and said well watch and I'll tell you what to o and when. He slaps her on the ass and asks her do you want this? she is like god yes, he starts putting the tip into her, she is balling her hands, he starts working it in, she is breathing heaver, moaning, biting her lower lip, she looks over at me and says I LOVE YOU babe, she is going crazy breathing heavy and moaning, he is into her about 5 or 6 inches, thats my limit LOL he is working it, she is getting very juiced up, now he says to me i'm gonna go in another inch go around and hold her hands and watch the looks on her face. As im holding her hands she grips then and throws her head back her eyes are wide and she just moans and repeats oh fuck oh fuck! Then he says im gonna push it in some more if it hurts let me know. After about 15min and about a dozen orgasms she is laying there shaking, hot sweaty, and very content and happy, He calls me back and says look pointing down to her pussy, he got the whole thing in her. WOW so fucking cool. He pulls out all the way and shoves it back in, she is going crazy now and loves every inch of it. Just fucking WOW he says ok now its my turn to cum, are you ok with me blowing my load in her? I was like go for it dude, but we should ask her also, so I went to her and began kissing her and asked her if it was ok for him to cum in her, thats when he cut me off NO you tell her thats what you want! she is already going crazy having orgasm after orgasm so I told her, and she was like fuck yeah, this shit is so fucking good now he stops pumping her, his head flys back and he lets out a low moan, her head fly up, eyes wide her hole body trembling, that feels so fucking good. At that point I wasnt even touching my shit and I came LOL Well after that we didnt go to the party but stayed in the room and did a repeat of that, she loved every minute of it.
    Monday came around we said our goodbyes with our new found friend, We checked out and started our way home, my wife was very talkative, we talked about the experience and decided that yeah we should definitely do this again, she said she has his cell number and will talk to him more often, then she added she really liked him, I was like well your carrying around alot of him with you now, you two were pretty hot and heavy this weekend and the guy really came alot. Then it hit her, I looked over and seen she was pale, very nervous looking, I was like whats wrong, her voice was trembling im not on birth control, havent ever no need since I was v safe. Thats the OH SHIT FACTOR!!!!!!!!!!

    And thats how we got started
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    YIKES THATS NO PLACE TO STOP I THINK I MISSED THE ENDING, pretty sure your English teacher would
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    LOL yeah power went out, thats what we get for living in the country