How did it start for you?

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    This is how it started for us. My wife and I have been involved in the cuckold lifestyle on and off for around nine years. One of the aspects of this adventure that initially surprised us, or at least was something we didn't anticipate happening when we first thought about entering into it, is that we have enjoyed some very wonderful moments and relationships with black men. Honestly, it wasn't really a serious consideration for us when my wife and I first entered the lifestyle. Originally, we only thought about hooking up with a white man. That has nothing to do with any past prejudices on our part, either. It just didn't cross our minds to seek out a black man to help us. However, as long as a man was tall, strong, well-endowed and virile, in addition to having some other intangibles, such as being sexually dominant, we decided it made no difference to us what is his color. .

    It all evolved over time, beginning with responses to some of our early personal ads by black men and also our discovery of various cuckold sites on the internet. We were amazed by the supremecy of the strong, dominant black man in this lifestyle and how it was becoming more routine for white cuckold couples like us to turn to these types of amazing men for sexual help and assistance. It was such a provocative discovery for us and my wife soon decided to try a black man when a well-endowed 6'8" dominant black "master", a former college basketball player, answered one of our ads. In one of his early messages to us, he wrote the following:

    I must warn you that once I introduce my over nine inches of thick Big Black Cock to your woman, she will become addicted to it and will demand multiple encounters to realize this ultimate fantasy for her. I am not looking to steal your wife, nor am I looking for a love relationship. I only desire to hook your wife on my black cock so you can watch her go crazy. She will do and say the sluttiest things you never imagined she would ever do or say. I will sexually dominate your big, bossy sexy woman in ways you never could envision happening. You will both be amazed at what I do to her and how I tranform her.

    How could we resist wanting to meet such a man? He enticed us, teased us, and literally challenged us into meeting him. He lived out of our area, but we finally met him in Las Vegas for a very exciting three day weekend. We were able to meet him several times after that time, too, and we always enjoyed ourselves so much. It was our best experience in the lifestyle up to that time. The man had all the intangibles, in addition to meeting all of our physical requirements. It was so very exciting and erotic for all of us, to have this amazing black man help and assist me with my wife's sexual needs and aid us in exploring fantasies.. He told us we were one of those special white couples who "needed a unique black man" to sexually aid us. We became very good friends with him. And yes, he was right......after being introduced to his Big Black Cock, my wife became addicted somewhat, often craving for multiple encounters with him. We were both taken by what he did to her and for her, turning her into a submissive, cock craving slut in the bedroom while I watched in amazement and excitement
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    It started for us when I saw my husband naked the first time. Then he told me that he enjoyed watching. I knew then that I loved him. My husband went onto Craigslist on our second date and set up a gang bang for me. Since then we have had an open relationship and I have had countless men in my bed.
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    my first time I prepare my husband. I take a swinger club and me naked to do it with who I wanted. on that night just looked