How did I starts doing blacks

Hi members, I'm the husband and coz my wife get a lot of messages asking her how she convert to blacks so she asked to write the hole story for you guys and i truly wish I make it in best way.
We and my wife met through MySpace and get engaged after 4 months, we loved each other so much and she was very smart and open, she's Muslim but also very liberal, most our chat was about sex we both enjoy talk much about it and I still remember that I brought the subject of how I turn on see black guy doing white woman,she was little surprised in beginning but she did not hate the idea,at that time were engaged and I used to send her porn clips and it was only blacks doing white,I felt she was liking these clips because after she finish watching she use to call me and talk about every details she watched,when we get married we went for the honeymoon and every night we lay on bed and watch interracial porn and when she gets Horney she starts doing blow job for my tiny small 4in dick, at that time we both knew the fact,I'm not able to satisfy her not just coz my tiny size but also I am not strong in sex,she starts complain about weak I am and how she can't cum with me coz i always cum after couple minutes of fucking, I felt her and i kept blaming my self every night but there was nothing I can do for her till we came to states on 2008.
We lived in city called kent when we arrived and this city is about 20 mile south Seattle,at the first week I discovered that there's a lot of blacks living in our neighborhood , this things made me excited and encourage me to make our dreams true,we starts talking about that but we were both very shy and very hesitate to make our move but everything changed on August 22nd 2008.
At that day,me and her were shopping in Target which was about 200ft from our apartment and at that didn't buy a car yet, I told her ill go out and smoke and wait for her,when she went out the store with stuff we bought on the cart,I saw a car drove so slow near her and I saw her smiling in polite way and she was looking for me so I waved to her, when she reached i asked her if there's any problem she said no its just a black guy was driving and he stopped near her and starts flirting,we both laughed but then I told her (maybe this is our chance) she was really shocked and asked me if I'm serious I told her I'm 100% serious about that she turned and she saw him still at the park lot looking at her with big smile so I told her( see..this is your destiny because he didn't leave so we better not waist the time and invite him )she gets shy but I felt from her smile that she was so much into him.
I walked toward the guy,he was so dark and he was about 20 or 19 years old wish this gangs style which is what she liked about him with his long thick breeds.i asked him if he can drove us to our place he agreed directly and he open the door for her so she sets near him and ordered me to take care of my stuff which is what I did, it as so rude of him but I take it and accept after my wife smiled when he ordered me I felt she loved that, I sat behind them, he was only talking to u and he had this dirty mouth and using the N fir million times,we get home and she asked him to have coffee, this was very thin and real tall he was 6'4" with scary look and that what turns her on toward him, I brought the stuff inside the apartment while she asked him to have a seat and she asked his permission to make the coffee for him so he allowed her to do it, he was sitting on the couch while I was busy putting stuff in the fridge and my wife doing the coffee.
Suddenly, I saw him walking toward her passing me like I was invisible and stands behind her, she get embarrassed especially after he puts his big blacks hand on hers and talking to her with deep sexy voice about how sexy she is and that he never imagined that Iraqi girl are that sexy, she smiled and looked at him and said(well we are and u can ask any soldier who served in Iraq and he gonna tell u how sexy we are) he was impressed with her answer so sticks his body on her back and grabbed her hip and said( you know what, to me you are an Iraqi bitch,and all bitches loves bones, and I got real huge bone for you ) this talk shocked us both I was speechless and she turned to him with red face and shocking eyes and she left everything and went to the bedroom.. Inside me there was a battle, I was so so Jelious and couldn't handle that a stranger talk to my wife in this humiliating way but in same time he is the one that I want for her so I went after her and I saw her standing in the middle of the room and shocked and scared, I hold her gently and I smiled and told her that he's the one that we were looking for so no need to waist time on thinking, he's the best chance for us she took a cigarette from me and starts smokes and said (do you know that this guy will fuck me real hard in rough way that I will feel I am getting raped?) I said yes I am sure of that she said(this guy is so rude and gonna real humiliate me in front of you and will call me with all nasty names and will abuse me in every wild and nasty way?)I said yes and for that I want him because inside you are dying to get his huge black dick in all your holes..she smiled and kissed lips and said( plz control your self my love when he do me, no need to be Jelious, it's all about sex and we both know he's able to satisfy me and we both know that you far away from that, so I'm asking you to just set and watch and you gonna what kind of slutty wife you got) I kissed her again and told her(then I can't wait to watch what you guys gonna do) I said that and asked her to wait coz I'm gonna bring him to her my private bedroom.
To be continue ......if we get requests to continue from the dear members image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
I prefer now to talk about what happened coz there's tons of feelings I had at that moment that my husband didn't feel it, after hubby left the room I sat at the edge of the couch with different feelings,I was very scared,terrified,worried and uncomfortable and in same time very excited,happy,Horney and needy and I felt the real slutty woman inside me that is waiting for something really big gonna happen to her.
Suddenly the door opened,the black guy show up and my husband looks like slave standing behind him and I felt through his eye that he was also worried about me,the guy walks toward me and in surprising move,he grabbed my hair hair and forced me to stand,I had to follow to many reasons,I start to get real scared and get shocked coz the rude way he deals with me and coz the serious look that he got on his face plus that he's real real giant to me, I'm only 5.5ft and he's 6.7ft and he was very slim but I can feel by the way he's grabbing my hair that he got huge strength and he can easily rape me no matter how much I can resist,he made me stick to him and grabbed my chin and said(have you ever served a black man?) that was very unexpected question so I said(I slept with black guy in Iraq but he wasn't.....) he shut me up and said(I don't care who you fucked before bitch,and when I say black man means a real one you fuckin nasty Muslim shit)his words made me sweat from every part of my body and I felt all my body was shaking and my breaths were really fast,I knew I had to reply with something before he do something that may make things worst so I said( no SIR I didn't let a black man use me before)he gave me a devil smile and bend over me and start smelling me and feeling his thick sexy lips over me and said (didn't know Iraqi sluts smells nice)I felt he was doing this humiliating thing for purpose seems like this things turns him on so I didn't complain coz honestly I was enjoying it coz I never face this thing before,I felt him kissing my lips very deep and playing my tongue, I Can't lie ,I melted in few seconds and felt my self licking deep his tongue and wanted to touch his neck but he grabbed my face again and forced me to open my mouth and in really surprising move,he spits in my mouth..a thick huge saliva sets on my tongue with my eyes wide open of what kind of devil is using me right now !!!! Without waiting I swallowed it all then he repeat doing it and I was just swallowing and enjoying tasting him, he just knows how submissive slut I am,he sets on small couch near the bed And ordered my husband to light a cigarette for him, he starts smoking and said(take off everything you nasty Arabian whore )omg i was melting with the Way he talked to me, i start to strip slowly for him and seeing his eyes wanting to eat all of me which was very turn on to me,I stand all naked for him,I was like real Slave for him waiting for his next order (on your knees)that what he order so I did with big smile(take off your master shoes whore) I did with sweet smile, I felt no need to be shame or to be embarrassed anymore coz this guy is my LORD now and I'm proudly his Iraqi slave, after I did what he ordered, he mention with his finger to climb on him,I climbed on him and at that moment I used all my experiences to seduce him with my thick white flesh pressing his face by my boobs,moving my stomach on his.
I felt real real huge rode growing between my thighs,I truly couldn't believe the monster under me, I tried to control my self and took off his clothes till I saw monster black dick not less that 12in with huge thickness and omg it was not 100% erected, how can I put this inside me , this guy going to kill me ,that's all thoughts that comes to my mind at that moment,but as usual he didn't give me enough time to think or stop,he grabbed my hair pushed me toward his dick and I opened my mouth as wide as I can and felt huge pipe stroking my mouth,I was sucking and felt its growing more in my mouth with real pain I took it out to see what it hurts, I was terrified when I saw how curvy huge dick I'm sucking now that there's no way to take it all while he starts forcing me to keep going down and swallow as much as I can,my eyes wide open with a lot of tears,my face is dark red,I can barely breath with his strong tough grabbing my hair that made the pain worst I felt I won't be able to breath anymore,but in same I was enjoying it I insist to suck as much as I can,I couldn't stop coughing but I continue my job as a real slut.
He was so excited that he turns to my husband and said( you see how you wife can't say enough with my dick you Iraqi sissy bitch,husband was shocked and speechless,I felt the guy hand grabbing my hair again and pushed me hard toward a couch that was close to us,bend me over as his real slave and directly he pushes his monster in my pussy, only woman would feel now what I will say, it's real torture to stroke women pussy with big dick in fast and rough way,there's no way to handle this pain,I screamed but that turns him on to keep going with no stop.
He climbed on me grabbing my hair to back so hard and tough and his dick invading my Iraqi poor pussy in brutal way,my scream never stopped but he enjoyed it coz he was keep fucking me and spanking all over me, I cum 2 times during that and he was just going with no stop pulling my arms to the back very tough and keeping fucking his slave's pussy with no mercy.
He lays on me turn my head toward him kissed my lips while fucking me and then slapped my face 6 times ,he was truly beating me and my husband just sitting and enjoying his wife abused in nasty way,he grabbed me and through me on floor and rides me from the back ,forced me to play with my clit while he keep fucking me, he gets more rough more wild more brutal using me in all nasty ways not showing any mercy while hubby toons out his tiny penis playing with it.
He push me this time to the bed, opened my legs ,lays on me and continue using me as his Iraqi slut , I remembered I told him that I forget to take pills, he smiled in devil way and said(that's better, you gonna have my baby bitch) his talk drives me crazy and made tell him ( then I won't loose any drop) (I know you won't coz you are just fuckin Muslim nasty slave for me) i begged to get his cum inside me while hubby said no bug I didn't care, he was pushing and pushing with loud screams comes from me I felt huge huge quantity of cum filling all my pussy non stop doesn't finish, that it overflow while he was biting my neck very hard while he was giving me his thick seeds.
I didn't know how many times I cums with him,I lost counting, coz I did it a lot,I know how hungry I was to be fucked by real black American master and I knew I will made it and I did,I'm so proud of my self and I felt myself honored to to get abused by black American I felt myself just the luckiest iraq girl EVER
Believe me babe,as much it was painful experience as much it made real slave for every black guy fucked after that for that I truly appreciate this black master for making me real good Iraqi slave for blacks
great to hear, then when am in the area u know how to handle my black snake ;) hope to hear from u very soon. oh am in africa now btw, do u need anything from here??? :D