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how deep can go in u??


Gold Member
Oh wow! I'm not sure I could handle you. I'm petite (5'2 and 107). But I bet you would feel amazing!
One of the women that has shares my bed from time to time over the last few years is a very petite redhead. I would guess that she is your size, perhaps a bit shorter. She enjoys being on top and absolutely impales herself on my cock. I have no idea where she puts it all but she takes it right down to my balls. Physical size doesn't seem to be particularly relevant to how how cock a woman can handle. Some petite women, such as the aforementioned one can handle a very large cock and I have had a couple of women over the years that were over 6 ft tall and they couldn't comfortably accommodate me. My advice is find a considerate fucker with a big one and see what you can handle, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised.