How can I make my husband happy to watch me with a young black guy

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    My last lover was a 26 year old Iranian student, he had a big dick and my husband knew I was sleeping with him while he was working away... No problems, it made our sex life even better. he even mentioned a few times that i should have gone for the big Bamboo in Jamaica. Now I have told him I want to sleep with another young guy and I would like to do it with a young black guy but he just doesn't seem keen, he doesn't seem particularly bothered either way but I want him to watch and take photos

    I am 40 and he is 47, do you think he is going thru a mid life crisis or just getting old

    Is there anyone who has gone thru this and can give me advice ? Would prefer advice from a girl, a real wife preferably
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    My wife knows that i want to share her,she knows that i want a black guy to fuck her & i would love a dvd of the action.
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  3. Mariposa blanca

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    If your husband isn't in to the watching, but gives you his blessing to enjoy yourself, I think you should enjoy what you have and not push him into something he doesn't want. If you want pictures or video so badly, find a friend to help you.
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    I wish you were in satx i could be your camera man;)