how can i convince him to watch me?

GF fucked 2 BBC in front of me ! If you had asked either of us earlier that day about her fucking somebody else let alone in front of me she would've said no way, and I would've said you were mad, but a few drinks and a drunken bet by her that its a myth that black guys have big cocks and a few hours later there we are, with her on all fours being spitroasted by 2 younger hung black guys, while I'm sitting watching it all ! And even more surprising is we both enjoyed every moment.
Think the moral is you never know what anyones reaction will be.
Good luck in your journey.
Take him out to a nice dinner and after a few drinks he should loosen up a bit , then start the small talk off with what is the biggest dream or fantasy you would like to see between the two of us... after he tells you what he would like to do then just reverse it to what you wanna do .. that should turn him on big time... let me know how it turns out and i would be more than happy to give you some real BBC.....