How can i add pics from my notebook here ?

Virginia on a serious note...How about the moderators, adding a note or some sort of disclaimer to indicate that the new poster (women, married milfs, bbc virgins, couples) who are reluctant to post a verifiable pic..indicate on their initial post, that pic was pulled from facebook or porn site and being used till they get comfortable..reason being we had a women who was searching for bbc in SE part of country...she shared pics privately..but not on BtW...turned out she had her first REAL experience with husband then posted all details on site..I think the FAKES do hurt, but maybe a mechanism to limit fakes and have folks who are slow to the transition, have a way to move forward without being intimidated...just an idea...let me know what you and others think..
I agree and as always do understand what you are saying. I have seen many profiles on here that have avatar pics that are not themselves, and that is really just fine with me. Many will state in their information that the avatar is not them. I would never bother any one under these circumstances. It only really becomes a problem when people claim fake pics are them, accept compliments on fake pics, and misrepresent themselves to be someone they are not! That is WRONG! Vxox

Yea..Sister Virginia..definitely see your point...met a young lady..teacher, gunshy about posting pic and verify..told her to contact you on guidance..and be real UPFRONT...hell, if I had a pic as good as my avatar..I would put up..but pics of middle-aged gray haired bulls doesn't really help the try to contribute as best as I can..osp