How bout a 1st sissy story....

Here's one of mine...

I had not been out on a Saturday night for over 6 months, Martin the gay lad at work invited me out to a "Vicar n' Tarts" party, he had convinced me to drag up as a tart. He'd done this before as he'd told stories of his exploits dragged up in a dress and blond wig. So Saturday morning i went round to his flat, he told me to shave head to to [only leaving my eyebrow and head hair] he waxed my legs, back and crack. Fitted me with large DD breast forms, fishnet stockings , what he called "cum fuck me" bright red high heels , red bra and red "crotchless" panties that seemed to flatten and tuck my cock n' balls and left my ass open? PVC black mini skirt, black corset basque, red feather boa blonde "Marilyn" wig and he did my make-up tarty with bright red lipstick. I really looked like a busty whore, he got dressed amazingly quick, in a long purple wig and PVC cat suit with heels. He called a taxi and we were off!

"where ya off tonight ladies" the cabbie said. I didn't know whether he was being sarcastic until i looked at Martin he said "why you wanna tag along sweetie? My friend here needs a man!" ,I went bright red luckily the makeup covered most of my embarrassment, "nah beautiful" the cabbie retorted "I just need the address ya need dropping at?" Martin lent forward and explained directions too him, after about 3 minutes we were on the outskirts and well into the county, dark roads lined with trees, we pulled down a dark lane into the driveway of a big house, light seemed to stream out of all of the windows , dozens of people milled about. Martin and I got out, still unsteady on heels i walked slowly, he linked arms with me after paying the taxi, "now sing ya arse and strut, lets make an entrance" he said to me. We strutted up the stairs into the main reception, to cheers and whoops from the men and women dressed a Vicars! Music blared out of the rooms of the house, within seconds there was a drink in my hand and i was being lead around by Martin or "Martina" as he called himself, he introduced me as "Rose"! Drink after drink, room after room, hundreds of people my head was swimming. Dozens of times i had had my ass slapped or groped as we tottered from room to room, Martina seemed to be looking for someone, after a very careful climb of the stairs, which wasn't easy pissed and in heels, we found ourselves in a "games room" it contained 2 snooker table about a dozen people and a jukebox, i noticed that 6 of there people were very large black lads all dressed as Vicars, these seemed to be the people Martina was looking for.

More drinks , games of snooker and me about falling off of my heels hundred times as I was so drunk. Eventually one of the lads we had been talking to, Tyrone he said his name was, lead me off. Drunk as i was i blindly followed, after a few twists and turns we walked into a room, a bedroom. There was a sign on the door partially obscured it read "SIS..." I in my naivety assumed "sister". Tyrone was 6ft 6 and lifted me onto the bed as if i weighed nothing, drunk and dazed i didn't realise he was stripping me, within seconds all i was wearing was my heels , fishnets panties and bra. Drunk as i was i had hardly realised also that Tyrone now was naked, very muscular and his cock was rock hard, and easily 10inches plus! I was laying on my back still sipping champagne and giggling drunkenly, Tyrone was rubbing my legs, suddenly he flipped me over and said "Get that ass up bitch.." the words didn't sink in as he manhandled me, next thing i knew i was on all fours like a dog. With a grunt he ripped open my fishnets , through my fuddled brain my ears brought me a "slopping sound" "Dats got my pole nice and slick now whore, now we can have some fun" he said. Suddenly i felt the tip of his massive cock nudge against my ass. His large hands grabbed my hips and with a grunt he slid his full 10 inches into me , i let out a massive scream and my arms collapsed. I was now face down ass up with a massive black cock sliding in and out of my ass. My booze filled mind whirled part of me was thinking i should be shouting "HELP, NO ,STOP" but i wasn't? I should have been screaming "No stop I a boy, my tits are fake , stop its too big" , but i wasn't! Suddenly I heard myself saying "Yes, yes, fuck me... ugh fuck me fuck me" it was like a dream. My cock was straining against the panties i was wearing, they were sopping wet with precum, also I felt so full , at certain points of Tyrones thrusts i felt like i was going to explode, his massive cock was battering my prostate. He was still pounding away shouting stuff like "Yeah, fucking slut, take it. You know you love it" whilst slapping my ass. All of a sudden the world seemed to stop... And I moaned like a cheap whore "Uuuuuuggggghhhhhhh-aaaaaaaaaaaa" and I came, spraying cum all over my panties and the bed , and i went limp and lay flat. Tyrone changed his position and continued to fuck me, after about 20 minutes his pace seemed to quicken, he grabbed my shoulders and let out a massive groan "Take it all you sissy whore" he said. Suddenly that feeling of "fullness" was back , coupled with a hot feeling. Tyrone had cum in my colon, and was filling me up, spurt after spurt after spurt, i could feel every twitch of his cock in me. As he pulled out her murmured "Mmm nice...."

Stood up picked up his clothes and turned to walked out of the room naked "NEXT" he shouts , and another of the lads walks into the room, his name Will, already naked already hard. He picked me up like a rag doll , he sat on the bed and lowered me onto his shaft , all i could do was drape my arms around his neck as i slide down onto his shaft. It filled me even more than Tyrone's, which i though was impossible. Yet again I should have been protesting or leaving but i wasn't, now i was off of the balls of my feet , i was kneeling legs spread wide either side of Wills thighs with his cock balls deep in my ass. "Work it bitch..." he said, i didn't react he grabbed my hips and moved my ass up and down , the feeling was amazing, the angle made the girth of his cock rub roughly against my prostate, I groaned and my eyes rolled up into my head, and within seconds i was fucking him. Up and down , up and down groaning and moaning , my cock rock hard. With each downward thrust Will grabbed my hips and drove me deeper, making me moan louder, he did this like a game for about half an hour, till he held me down and started to grind my ass on his cock, swirling his bell end around deep in my guts, then his eyes rolled up and i could feel he too was cumming in my ass. This time I hadn't cum, and felt very empty when he pulled out. Exhausted I flopped on the bed, legs hanging over the edge, ass leaking gallons of cum , mind broken and racing just like my heart.

Whist I was lost in my thoughts the other 4 lads for the games room has walked in a stripped off, I only acknowledged they were there when one of them said "Oh yeah they have warmed up the sissy good, looks nice and lubed" as he wanked his monstrous cock slowly , erect is looked 13 inches and as thick as my arm! They manhandled me into a position , one lad underneath with his python hard and deep inside me , his hands on my back propping me up on all fours into a laying back reverse cowgirl, he was so massive it was like being fisted to the elbow. As the body below me pulled back the anxiety of the next thrust was overwhelming, then he slammed it back into me like a sledgehammer. Each thrust felt like explosives were going off inside me from my asshole through to my lower intestine. It was scary but exciting and pleasurable at the same time. I couldn't cry out in pleasure or pain as another lad had stuffed my mouth with cock. I could barely breathe with the massive bell end in my throat along with the monster pounding me... it was exhilarating! This carried on for for about half an hour, A third lad stepped up, and started to feed his cock too into my already overburdened ass. I attempted to scream whilst choking on cock as he too fed his massive black cable into my arse , my hole had never been stretched so far in my entire life. At that point my cock went ridged and i could hold back no longer i screamed an came like a fountain. It felt like my anal muscles were going to snap with these two hard hot pistons plowing me. They pumped me like this for over an hour , they were relentless grunting sweating calling me a "Whore, slut, cunt".

The constant pummelling prostrate was the only enjoyment i received, these three black lads were trying hard to destroy me ,and they were trying real hard. My heart was racing so hard it hurt and i was running out of breath faster that i could breathe it in. And then the explosions started ,the lad in my mouth came flooding my mouth forcing me to swallow so I could breathe, filling my stomach. Then the two monsters in my colon exploded, filling me up. It felt like gallons of sperm spraying into me, I too came , so hard in fact that i passed out. I woke up to find another lad wanking his monster in front of my face , i was too weak to respond or even open my mouth. After about 15 mins of wanking he sprayed my face and neck ,plastering me with cum , the salty taste of cum was still in my mouth from the previous lad as I passed out. Next thing i knew it was morning and light poured into the room,

Martin was sat on the bed in his now dishevelled drag "Looks like you had fun Rose"... he chuckled "So when do you wanna get your now sissy ass fuck by big black cock again???" And my answer is a story for another time!