How big is too big?And what was the biggest Blk and White Dick that you have ever had!

10" is the biggest shes ever had..and she said that was almost to much. She couldn't really work it the way she wanted to because it was just to damn long and she loves riding. Plus extremely large cocks like that don't get and maintain a rock hard erection. Her Fav is about a nice rock hard 8" thick cock.
I have only had 4 white cocks in my life. 3 back in high school and my ex's none of them were close to eight inches. So congradulations Jay you are one of the chosen few. If my ex would have had 8 inches I probably would have only fucked James 3-4 times a week instead of almost everyday. If my ex had a footlong extra thick cock that wouldn't change the fact that he is an asshole.
when I was younger and working in a nursing home I saw a white man with a cock that hung at least 6 inches below his knees. It hurt me just to think of what it might do!

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The size of the dick it self does not matter. The size of the dick when paired up to the size of the pussy is what makes for a good fit or not.

No shocker that men have a range of cock sizes. Women have a range in size for their vaginas. That is less talked about since it is a bit unfeminine for a woman to say "I have a huge pussy".

Men should be big and strong and strapping and women tiny and petite and such. Is that not the stereotype ideal?

Back in reality a big cock can hurt a tiny pussy if the cock's operator does not know what the fuck to do. In the truest sense, if a baby can come out (they do) then a cock can go in. That said, sex should be fun and not uncomfortable.

Fucking is not just about the size, it is also about the stoke and the motions. When you bottom out at 3/4 insertion you have to know how to accommodate to make it feel good and not just bruise her cervix like some thug. I knock bottom a lot, as do many blacks who are hung, so I know this from first hand encounters.

So many women have medium to large size pussies. Then men, a hubby usually, has a small cock. She loves him and the sex can be okay or good, but her cunt was made for a big rod. So the girl must take a lover. Many do.

The reverse when Susie Small is hit with a real monster also makes for a time if the man is a louse in bed. Like so much in love, compatibility and skill at working toward the goal are paramount for the best enjoyment.

There is no static 11'' is too much or 7'' is small standard. 11'' to a girl with a small twat is a nightmare if the man is not smart in bed. The same cock at 11'' to a large vagina (size queen) lady is pure heaven and nothing is better.

There are some guys with 5'' who fit their wives like a glove and ball her into a flood of orgasms each night.