Housewife's Confession

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    Okay, I admit it. I’m not quite the coupon queen one would imagine. Nor do I scour the ads for those “buy one, get one free” sales. Even so, I appreciate something that is incredibly entertaining and at the same time completely free. Fucking a hot, hung black stud when my husband's not around.. Game on.
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    You're a woman of my own heart...the only thing that could be better is to be tag-teamed by two!
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    Just like most married white sluts! Good girl!!!!
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    Us whiteboys like to think the little white hotties need us to make important decissions for them. But todays whitegirl are going out on the sly, sneaking off to a motel with the black bull she met at work or at the bar. They really don't need whiteboys around when shes getting fucked by a real man she never had with the whiteboys she married or dating