House party for bulls....

Who would you most like to fuck?

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Me n my housemates were discussing a fantasy we all seem to have experienced... A house party hosted by us of bulls... Just to see what would happen ;)

Well I have a lil game for you ;) one is me n the others are my house mates. I want u to be crude about each of us - tell me who's hot n who's average... I really like to be compared n degraded against my friends...

A) who would be the best fuck n why
B) who is hottest and why
C) who would suck cock best
D) which of us do u think has been ganged by three guys at once?
E) which two are real size queens
F) who is the filthiest n how can u tell
G) who is the easiest n how can u tell
H) rate each of our bodies n looks out of 10

Answer in detail, best answers rewarded with further pics n emails.



Hi Here is my answer
A - You because you have that sexy come her look
B -You again because you are simply smokin hot
C- you Its my view
D- You I just think that
E- You and C
F You because you know you are
F- Because you are
G- You I just know
-You Again its my intuition