House Hunting

Would you want to do your Realtor. (Guys to Lady and Lady to Guys)

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House Hunting

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House Hunting
After taking a day off from work. Im sitting at the apartment getting ready to go to the store. i pick up my keys and wallet and i look and remember seeing Pam Hayes Realtor Card. I take time and give her call and see what she is doing. I call her and say "Hello, May I Speak with Pam Hayes Please?" and the voice on the other end says "Just a second." and then Pam comes on and says "Hello, Who is this?" I reply "This is Lewis from the Bank, You said anytime i needed something to give you a call." Pam then says "Oh, Lewis at the bank, Now i remember, How are you doing today." I let her know i was doing fine and i was wonder if she had time today to go house hunting today while i had some time. Pam told me she had something to do in the morning but after 1PM she was free to take me. I told her i would be there at one at her office.
As for me i was putting on some nice dress shorts and a light weight polo. it was pretty warm outside and i wanted to be comfy. I was out running my errands and i realized that it was getting close to one and i need to get to Pams Office. I noticed her red Mustang convertable was sitting there so i know she was inside. I opened the door and asked "Is Pam in, i was supposed to have a appointment with her." The Secetary said "Just a moment and ill go get her." then she says by the way im Samantha and i say "im Lewis and nice to meet you Samantha" with a smile. "Ill be right back Lewis. Samantha say and ill go get her for you. A Few minutes later, Samantha comes and says "Go ahead and go in, Lewis" and i thank Samantha and head back on in Pams Office.

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I open the door and there is Pam Sitting at her chair with a big smile on her face. and she says "Hello Lewis, how are you doing today?" I let her know that i was doing fine and her self. She replys "Im doing just fine, I didnt think you was going to call me." I told her that i had some things to take care of and i had time today. She gets up from her Chair and she was wearing a nice blue business suit with a baby blue blouse and a skirt looking nice. She comes over and shakes my hand and feels my nice grip and she replys "Mmmmm thats a nice grip, did you play sports or something?" I told her i used to play but i do still work out a little. She smiles and says thats nice. Pam was a nice looking older lady about 5-7 very slender body, nice legs. She then tells me she has one house to look at today and its out in the country. So are you ready to go Lewis?" and i said yes. We Walk past Samantha and Pam tells Samantha "Sam, Please take a message and let them know im with a client ok and i will call them back if i have time ok." Sam replys "yes Pam." So we proced to walk out of the building and then she starts to lower the top of her car. "We can take my Car. its a nice cool day out, here you go Lewis get in." She opens the door for me and i get in. Then she stops and leans in to me and then says. "Gotta Buckle you up, dont want you to get hurt." then she proceds to put on my seat belt then starts to graze my crotch. and Smiles. I say "Thank you, for Caring. Ms Hayes" and she says "Call me Pam". Then she opens the door and then gets in her car showing off her stocking tops as her skirt rises.

I ask her what year is this car and she tells me its a 2009 i got it in my ex husbands settlement. So i say its is very nice. and she says thank you. She also says "What do you like music wise?" i told her i like some nice R/B Jazz. So she pulls out some CDs and say well lets listen to this. the first song that comes on is Quincy Jones Secert Garden. I told her i like Q and she replys so do i. Very good to listen to, especially during lovemaking. At that point i was Surprised that came out and then we pull out and hit the town and head out to the country. We make small talk about different things and talk about her life and i talk about mine. just listen to the songs on her mix CD. Then we stop at the house and then she says "Dont Move Lewis" She gets out and then opens my door and pulls me out of the door. The house is a one story 2 bedroom 1 half bath. I was like "wow this is perfect, Pam" Lets go inside and look. I go inside and we are in the living room. I take a look around and think of big entainment center and sound system. nice couch and Pam tell me its is very nice for entaining. i was looking and Pam comes up and start rubbing the down the side of my body. Pam tells me to come to the kitchern which is to the right and its a nice small kitchen with a window with a counter as i come in i see Pam sitting on the counter legs crossed. She says "Lewis this would be nice to have this counter to set your food on and watch the game or something on a tv." I step closer and her legs grab me and wrap around me. She says "Am i Right?" with a smile. I said yes you are right Pam as i smile back. then she says lets go to the bathroom. I let her lead the way as she gets off the counter. Hers a nice simple bathroom just your basics, Toilet, Shower/Tub, Sink and Heater. This would be nice for you then Pam Starts to step in the tub and starts rubbing her body like she is taking a shower. Would that be nice, Lewis She Says. I say yes would be. Ok, lets go to bedroom one. I go in and its a Small room and i let her know. This is nice, Pam but a little Small. She says Why dont you make it your Computer room or have it as a private den. i know you would like bigger space so lets head to bedroom 2 ok and see what you think about that. Bedroom 2 is a lot bigger and is big enough to put king size bed in it. "Lewis, This Should be your bedroom here. If i was buying this house i would make it my bedroom nice and spacious." I told her i agree with that for sure, but i did ask why there was a bed in the room. She told me well they didnt want it but its there to show what it would look like with a simple bed in it like a queen bed. then she gets on the bed and and Smiles at me with her arms in the railings. Tempting to be tied up. Then Pams Phone goes off and Its Samantha back at the office. "Pam, Mr Thompkins is looking for you and he says its important and hes is waiting for you back at the office. Something about some papers needed to be filled out for another client before 3:30PM. She ask Samantha what time is it and its 2:45. You and Lewis have been gone for a long time. Pam Says i will be there in 20 minutes.
Lewis Im sorry but i have to get back to the office now. this may be only one house but we can set up another visit. but we need to get back to the Office so i can get this done. and i told her i understand perfectly. So she get me in her car and we go back to the office. She goes Lewis i had a good time and i want to show you other houses sometimes if that is ok with you. I told her sure let me get my scheldue and ill call you and set up something with Samantha ok. She then puts her hand on my knee and starts to rub it and she says im glad you understand. So we arrive back at the office and Samantha comes out and says Mr Thompkins is waiting for you in the office. I told Pam i had a very nice time at the house. She then goes Before you go Lewis I have something for you inside and ill be right back. I wait a few minutes and there is Pam out with a Gift Bag. I normally dont do this but your a very nice guy and i wanted to give you a welcome present. Dont open it till you get home ok. Can i call you later on and touch base with you Pam asked and i told her that was all right with me. I gave her my phone number and told her to call me later on but for now you have to get inside and i thanked her for the Gift Bag with a kiss on her cheek. She goes "Promise you wont open it till you get home, Ok?" and i told her i promised and then she went inside and i went home with a gift bag in the passenger seat. Thinking.............

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Sounds like another story down the Road. What do you think?