Hotwife's Pick up and fuck date

2015-03-07 08.09.02.jpg Last night my wife got a call from one of her BFs, he got out of work late and was stranded without a ride. Being as soft hearted as she is, she quickly got up and went to get him from work to his place. when they got there he invited her in for tea and she gladly accepted. The got in and he got to making the tea, then he joined her on the couch for a convo while they drink. It didn't take too long before his hands were on her thigh, gradually moving up till he was lightly massaging her clit, getting her wet as she spreads her legs to give him better access through her leggings.
Once he was hard enough and couldn't help it anymore, he pulled his dick out of his pants and stated jerking and looking her in the eye, she got the hint immoderately and got to work on his dick, giving him one of her very pleasurable blowjobs.