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“One night, I awoke to the sound of my wife slipping into the bedroom. She’d worked late, but it was several hours later than usual. She carefully sat on the edge of the bed and the sheets rustled against her clothes. She was undressing as she bent to kiss me.

“Hi Sweetie, sorry I’m so late. I stopped for a drink at that new club where all the hot black guys hang out.”

I kissed her and smelled the pungent odor of perfume, sweat, and something else, the unmistakable smell of sex. Even in the darkness I could see her hair was a mess and her clothes disheveled. She kissed me again, deeper. She pushed me back on the bed kissing me deeply, pulling my tongue into her mouth. She was aroused and very sexy, undressing as she climbed into bed with me.

My mind reeled, twisting, churning, a mass of emotion, she had done it. We often played the fantasy, but fantasies were safe, but now…? I was hurt, jealous, angry, confused and my cock was hard as a rock. She reeked of sex. Did she use any protection? Did she still love me? I started to speak.

“Sshhh…” she held a finger to my lips and kissed a trail down to my cock.

“Ooh…” I held her, caressed her. She wore a satin chamisole and matching panties and my hands roamed freely. Below her panties I found the tops of her lace top stockings. Her nipples were hard erasers and I could see a hickey, dark on her throat. My hands slid to her pussy. She was soaked, and very slippery. She moaned as I caressed her wet panties.

My wife moved back up to my lips and climbed onto me, humping her wet pussy on my leg for a moment. She reached down and slid one leg out of her panties and deftly rolled her hips until my cock nestled between her pussy lips. They were swollen and soft and I humped against her clit.

“Oooohhh….” She pinned my shoulders to the bed, watching my eyes as she rubbed her clit against my cock. She was soft and very wet, her pussy warm and open. She rose up slightly and teased the head of my cock, bumping it in and out of her wet pussy.

“Ooohh Lover, I am sooooo full of cum….”

“Ooohh God, Oh yes…” I moaned, holding her ass and feeling her pussy squeeze as she rode me. She gently eased over me, watching my eyes and humping her wet cunt over my cock. I felt her clit rub against me and I was fully inside her.

“Ohh God… your pussy feels sooo good…”

“Ooohh Hon, I know you like this. Your cock is soooo hard. You feel sooo good inside my cum filled pussy and I know you want this. Ooohh… he fucked me again and again…it felt soooo good.”

“Oohh God, my gorgeous wife. Did you pull him into you when he came?”

“Ooohh yes, I love feeling his cum stream into me.” She rotated her full pussy down against me, rubbing her clit on my pubic bone. “It feels soooo good, we never use protection…”

“Ooohh God, do I know thim?” I moaned, my cock thrusting deep inside her.

“Yes, oh yessss… and I’m going to fuck him again, and again…”

“Oooohh… I’m cumming, yes, I’m cumming in your full pussy… oh god…” I humped into her and my cum streamed into her wet cunt again and again.

“Oh Lover… Oh Hon… yes, cum in me… yes, you like fucking my full pussy, don’t you?”

“Uh huh,” I grunted my answer, too weak to move. She lay down on me and we slept as I softened inside her.”