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Hotwife waiting


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I am a Hotwife and married to a cuckold. We have been into hotwife/cuckold lifestyle for several years by now and we are both totally addicted to other men.

Black men is of course on top of my list

But don't misunderstand I don't have sex with any man I meet. I want to be treated as a Lady in the lounge and a slut in bed. I do like good food and wine. I likes to be seduced by good conversation, charming personality, lots of kisses and cuddling.

When it comes to sex I'm a Slut. I am loud. I squirt. I swallow. I have done it all and I am ready to do it again.

I'm into almost anything: 2-some, 3-some, group or gangbang. I enjoy playing with bdsm and bondage.

I'm married to a wonderful man. He fully accept and support my way of living. He is a dedicated and very experienced cuckold. He finds men for me - he prepare cocks for me - he licks cocks, balls and ass and he clean cocks and pussy.

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perfect and so sexy ..