hotwife out of town of a meeting

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    my wife had to go out of town for meeting and had to stay over night and in the town she was staying in about a month before we had met a black bull and he fucked my wife for a couple hours that night with his thick 10 inch black cock .
    the next month when she had her meetings that night she asked that same black bull over . he asked her to met him at the hotel rooms door in a teddy and high heels as i watched on cam as she opened the door his cock was already hard as she dropped to her knees to suck his big black cock then he stood her up and bent her over the table and fucked her deep and hard as she was yelling she loved his big black cock and he was telling her how tight her white married pussy was. he then picked her up and curried her to the bed and really started fucking her deep and hard. she rode him and he fucked her doggie they fucked for hours as i watched on cam .
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    As a consultant I have visit many sites , one in perticular employs Fijian men in the store , as I was there I noticed a black man driving a fork lift wearing very tight shorts , the bulge was eye popping so I deliberately followed his fork so I could see moor , he knew I was watching and let his cock head fall out of his shorts .
    Down the back of the factory working alone stocktaking he came along and stopped to have a chat, my eyes were fixed on his wonderfull cock head , he removed his shirt explaining about the heat , he was so fit , as he got down from his fork he removed his shorts and stood naked in front of me , we kissed and he lifted my dress ripped my panties off and fed his cock into my now very wet cunt he fucked me for just a few strokes and then blew so much cum in me I leaked all over the floor, as I thought he have finished his cock stayed very hard and he began fucking me again and this time I came so many times before he blew again .
    He thanked me got dressed climbed back on his fork lift and went about his job.
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    hot story! hardly foreplay....