Hottest Fuck

Two years ago, i was on an amtrak from philly to nyc. sat across from an asian business woman, dressed to kill, heels, business skirt, perfect hair, all that, good looking woman in her 30s. she was reading and did not have her legs crossed, i could see her white panties, i looked several times and i know she saw me. well, when we arrived in nyc, i followed her into the city, she went into a small pub and i went in too, sat down and we talked, had a few drinks. she told me she was in nyc on business, was married with one kid, she was japanese. she invited me to her hotel, we had dinner, then went to her room. I fucked her three times, and she let me do anal. the sex was great, i never saw her again, just a one night fuck fest.

any other hottest fuck stories anyone wants to tell?