Hotel Humiliation

hotels are a popular choice for cuckolding. it keeps your lifestyle private so your neighbors don't find out. hotels are good when you first meet a new bull and you don't want him to know where you live.

the cuckold pays for the hotel and the bull arrives later in the evening. my wife and i do this and it has worked in the past but it has turned out to be the most humiliating way to be cuckolded.
  1. hotel staff and other guests see me with my wife. later on they see her going up to the room with a black man while i am following behind them.
  2. the bull fucks my wife so hard that she screams and moans at the top of her lungs and everyone on our floor can hear her. she screams out "i love your big black cock!" and "you're so much bigger than my husband" so loud that the people in the room next to us can hear every word. its even more humiliating when they see the black bull leaving your room, and then see you with your wife the next day.
  3. follow up on #2, but the bull makes me stand outside the door and wait. not only can everyone hear my wife, but people passing by now see me waiting and listening outside while my wife is being fucked in the room.
  4. the bull opens the curtains to the room and fucks my wife so that everyone outside can see. it's extra humiliating when you are in a busy part of town and lots of people passing by on the street can see your white wife being fucked silly by another man.
  5. when you are at a resort and the bull you find is an employee at the resort. he fucks your wife and tells his coworkers. for the rest of your trip you see all the employees at the resort snickering at you.
I'm in a hotel now