Hoping to be a cuckold some day..

One Small Dick

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If you want to be the best cucky boy you can be there are a few things you can be working on and practicing for perfection so you will be ready when that right lady comes along for you.

1. I don't know how much pussy you get now, if any at all but that probably needs to stop. It wouldn't hurt to quit even trying to get any. You can always ask them if they want to watch you beat off instead. They may just take you up on that deal and enjoy watching that happen.

2. Instead of using any efforts on the females trying to get your self some pussy, use those efforts on her trying to convince and persuade her to go black and just work on getting the black man some pussy from her instead.

3. Try to become the absolute best pussy licker around. Concentrate on fucking that white pussy with your tongue to properly prepare it and lube it up good for the black mans dick along with clean up when he's done with her.

4. Let the ladies know that you are all about full obedience to them. Let them know that they are the boss and you will do as they say, when they say without hesitation and with enthusiasm.

5. Recruit other white males, females and couples to join in. Work to get the white boys to stay out of the pussy and the females to open it up for the black man to give her a power fucking like she never had before but will definitely want again.

I'm sure there are plenty more things you could be working on too. Some of the crew here might have a suggestion or two for you.

Good luck on your quest and I am so glad to hear that this is a desire of yours.