hooked up ??

I was wondering has anyone hooked up off here or are the all white boi's in here just dreaming to watch their women get fucked by some big cocks
Bro, a variation of your question is asked almost every two weeks. It's a good question.

The answer to your question is: "No, not really."

I'd suggest that you read some of the previous threads/posts that asked/answered your question, as people have posted some thoughtful responses.
thanks for your feedback
I only asked this question cause Im new on here and the people that I have contacted either dont respond or give terrible fucking excuses why they cant meet
Haha I just got to find someone who can come over when the kids are gone, then my wife won't have a chance to get nervouse and back out.
I have found that not only do the white men and their wives not live up to there post, but some of the black men also do not live up to their post. I was in the DC area at the end of May and was trying to get my wife to go black and the person that we were talking to quit responding prior to us going to DC. True it may have been a challenge but I don't think it would have been impossible. So I am not sure who on the board hooks up if any.